baby hates early development toys!

Krystal - posted on 07/20/2009 ( 3 moms have responded )




Hi mummies!

my baby hates development toys! Like nesting & stacking blocks, shape sorters, cause & effect pop up toys. They're all age appropriate. If I try to play with her but she gets really annoyed & starts throwing them everywhere. She wont play with them on her own either.

Should i worry about this? Does anyone else have this issue??


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I agree with Alisa. No need to worry about it. My daughter loves to play with her ribbons and hair bands or used, non-breakable bottles and boxes, or with her cutlery to 'feed' her stuffed animals more than with development toys. She gets bored very soon with those development toys. If your baby doesn't like those development toys that's fine, get her something simple like measuring cups or her cutlery or anything safe from your home. Or bring her something from your garden, leaves, fruits, rocks, flowers, etc. My daughter loves to play with them. She will hold them on both hands all day long for days. Try playing with water, babies usually love it. But make sure you keep an eye on your baby when she plays. Hope this helpful.


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Ashley - posted on 07/23/2009




My daughter is just starting to try the shape sorters; and really just bangs blocks together or knocks them over after I stack them. Just like the other moms wrote, she wants to get into everything except her toys. Let your baby explore anything that isn't dangerous and have fun with whatever she can. P.S. my daughters birthday was yesterday and a friend got her a Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Tea set and she loves it; she opens and closes the lid over and over so it will make noise.

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My son plays wiht the toys but not really like they were meant to be played with. I think as long as he's trying new things with them and interested in playing with something, thats ok. Personally I kinda feel like getting toys like that are a joke. Open the cupboard door to the pots and pans (no glass pans) or the tupperware. My son loves playing with those. And his food jars. He really likes toys that make noise when he hits them though. Vtech's toys are ones that seem to make him the most happy.

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