HELP!!!! My little Bella is finally showing interest in the potty!! We have been training off and on for over a year. Stopping, because I thought maybe I started her to early. Well now she goes potty everyday, only problem she has to wear Pull ups because she refuses to go # 2 !?! How can I get her to always use the potty???


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Ginger - posted on 04/22/2012




I totally had that same problem. I kept him in pull ups anyway as he was in school, but when I was in between jobs I stayed home with him and let him wear underwear knowing he may have an accident and I would have to clean it up. I knew when he had to go poo and took him to the bathroom. Eventually it seemed to work. He expressed his concerns with pooing in the toilet and I addressed them. It seems they get comfortable squating and such in their fav poo poo places around the house. Changing to sitting on the pot is a big adjustment. So make sure her step stool is tall enough for her feet to touch while she is sitting on the pot. Also I started with letting him sit on the pot in a pull up to go poo and then transitioned to sitting on pot without a pull up. He would practice going poo and pretend he did and I would pretend he did also and tell him good job. Then he seemed more confident that when he did it, it would be ok.

Michelle - posted on 03/22/2012




personally i found pull ups a step backwards. I bought peppa pig knickers as my daughter was really into that and made a really big deal about them being for big girls and how she must go on the toilet or her new knickers would be ruined and she would have to wear a baby nappy. That seemed to work for her :)

Tessa - posted on 03/17/2012




What I did was let my daughter run around in underwear for two week and ever HR put her on the potty I would also put her feet in warm water while she was on the potty in hopes she would go I would make her rubber duck go potty in her potty also just to show her about two weeks of that at her was trained :)

Mecarla - posted on 02/01/2012




Kids tend to do poo at the same time everyday. I made a big deal of poking in her nappy. Saying it was disgusting and how he should do it in the toilet. She didn't do it for long

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