Hi, Does anyone have ideas on keeping kids from getting too close to the t.v.?

Kelly - posted on 05/09/2012 ( no moms have responded yet )




Hi, My son, Liam is about to turn 4 soon and we have always had problems getting him to stop standing so close to the t.v. when he watches it. He stands right up in front of it only a few inches away. And I have tried many things like telling him not to stand so close (which becomes an every 5 minutes type of thing), explaining that we love him and that it is bad for him to be standing so close, shutting the t.v. off every time I catch him standing too close, putting furniture in the middle of the room and saying "OK, here is your special t.v. seat", putting big things in front of the t.v. to block him from going past and getting too close, putting toys or objects on the floor to mark a safe distance spot for him to be and even creating an imaginary line for him not to cross by using two objects on either side as each end of the imaginary line. And he just obliviously ends up back in front of the t.v. constantly. What's worse is that now my older son who did not do this, is now starting to stand close himself because he cannot see the t.v. because Liam is always in front of it. Oh we also tried pausing the t.v., my older son used to scream at Liam to stop blocking the t.v. every 5 minutes, so I told Jasper instead of screaming, to just quietly pause the t.v. to get Liam's attention and when he moves away, replay.

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