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Does anyone know a good way to get your toddler to drink milk? I have tried Strawberry, chocolate and plain and I can't get her to drink any?? Any tips :)?


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Robin - posted on 04/12/2010




I didn't wait this long to start this long I have been trying since she was 9 months so no id didnt wait til she was almost two.

Fern, thank you you. My daughter loves yogurt pudding, not a fan of ice cream lol. I don't think she likes the way it feel of it i guess. I will put milk into her sippy cup and she will have a few sips but then she is done. She loves oatmela, or cold cereal every morning. I feed her eggs and cheese and such so I guess she is gettin the calcium that she is getting. Thanks for the advice everyone.

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My son likes his milk, but some days are better than others as far as him actually finishing it. However, I put his iron supplement in his milk (he's anemic) so he has to finish it to make sure he gets his vitamins. I bought some of the insolated sippy cups, and I leave it available to him for much longer. Sometimes it takes him until lunch or after to finish his milk from breakfast. However, I don't give him anything else to drink until his milk is gone. He drinks it when he's thirsty, and everyday he finishes at least at one cup. I simply keep it available all day and keep it somewhere where he can see it.

While there are other, non-dairy sources of calcium, whole milk is recommend for kids until at least two for other reasons as well. The types of fats in the milk are needed by toddlers for brain development, vitamin D aids in cacium absorbtion, etc. I'd definitely talk to your child's pediatrician if you are concerned. Until then, I'd look to cheese, yogurt, etc for substitutions if necessary.

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Why did you wait so long? You babe should have been drinking milk at 1 year. Your babe is almost 2.
What has babe been drinking up to now? Breast milk or formula?

You can go with a cup/bottle of what babe has been drinking and add 1 tablespoon of milk into it for 3 days, then 2 tablespoons for 3 days, then more and more milk until babe has nothing but milk.

This works only if babe is not drinking just Pop, or Juice. Good luck.

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Hey there,

My son prefers it from a straw, since all good things come from straws. :) I feed him cereal w/ milk or with instant oatmeal packets I use milk instead of water.

You could also make milk shakes, ice cream and milk. Or even milk and fruit shakes. Milk, peanutbutter and bananas are also great. If you get her used to using straws, like the throw away cup ones with shakes, then regular milk may be more pleasing to her that way as well. Yogurt and milk shakes are also good, but something about ice cream being so cold makes it yummier.

My son doesn't prefer milk at all. He will drink a little and be done. So we give him yogurt, shredded cheese (one of his favorites), some times ice cream, puddiong and other sources of calcium like even brocoli and spinach.

Have a great day!

Take care,

~Fern < mom to 7

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