My son is still mostly speaking gibberish

Kitty - posted on 09/25/2010 ( 2 moms have responded )




My son was born July 2008, and he is still mostly speaking gibberish. At 16 months or so, he was had plenty of words, and now he seems to be trying to speak, but it's like his words won't come out right, and it turns into gibberish. He doesn't have hardly any words now aside from Mama and Daddy. l talk to him all the time, regular conversing as well as drilling. What should I do? Do I need to take him to a specialist?


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Danielle - posted on 11/03/2010




my son, is in the same boat, so i went to a learning centre, where you can buy just different ways to approach, teaching them, my mom said I talked til from one to 3 then after that not til i was 7, my cousin's daughter samething, but he told me about the learning centre store in calgary and i bought fun speach learning dvd's and ineraction, you can teach and learn with them, different languages and everything, right now, we are doing english and dutch and cree, just for a cultral break. It's not that your kid is slow, my in- home worker, who helps me with him, she says if your kid is more then 6 months behind everyone else then to go to early interventions, but to give it 9 months to be sure, every baby is different and all the books out there are only based on one type of child.

Janine - posted on 10/01/2010




My daughter didn't really start talking until about 20 months because she had fluid in her ears which the ear doctor had to drain while putting tubes in her ears when she was 17 months old. Have you seen your child's pediatrician to see if he has fluid in his ears and discussed your concerns regarding your son's speech? Has your son's hearing ever been tested since he was a newborn? I thought my daughter could hear me and she could hear sounds but they were muffled and not enough to learn how to talk properly. You could also ask your pediatrician if there is a local, county, city or state agency that evaluates infants and toddlers and provides developmental- related services such as speech therapy. I had my daughter tested at 13 months old because she hadn't started babbling yet and she received speech therapy for 7 months, until she no longer needed it. Now she doesn't stop talking and I'm very grateful to hear every word, even the "No's" and the "Me do's."

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