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Shanna - posted on 03/23/2009 ( 14 moms have responded )




I would love to know what your babies are eating now. My daughter (July 15) is just eating baby foods, all veggies and fruits, she HATES meat so I'm still trying. She also has MumMums and the gerber puffs. Although, she mainly likes to gather the puffs in her hand, I usually put them in her mouth. I dont think she is too interested in fingerfoods yet. She LOVES these other cookies I have for her - I forget what they are called but they come in Banana flavours or Origional. I am going to keep giving her the puffs and a cookie as a snack everyday - maybe she will be more interested soon.

Anyway, other than wanting to know what other babies meals look like, I also wanted to ask - while they are learning to eat finger foods do you still give them baby foods or just give them their whole meal in finger food. Can I give my daughter yogurt? Any kinds that are good? Cheese for snacks or at lunch time? I do not eat fish but should she be eating it? Is the canned tuna ok? I have NO idea what kind of fish is safe for her - if any, because I will not eat any sort of seafood lol. But I know fish is good for you.

I'm so lost with this food thing lol. I just want to make sure my daughter is getting enough of everything she needs; all her vitamins, protien etc...


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Jill - posted on 03/24/2009




Trader Joes has the best Greek-style yogurt....with no added sugar.  Just good stuff.

Yolanda - posted on 03/24/2009




Hi Shanna

My baby girl born 2 July 2008 love the following on her own:
Grated cheese
Rice cakes - if you can maybe find the ones with yogurt coating they love that!
Deep fried chips
Banana cut into pieces

Some days when she does not want to eat with i try and feed her i just give her a lot of finger foods and she eats on her own.

Fish she likes most is salmon and hake, she likes it with mashed potatoes and carrots!!

Hope you get some ideas!

Jill - posted on 03/24/2009




My son was born on July 18 so they are pretty much the same age. I started Jack on baby food a couple of months ago and have since added Greek-style yogurt (he LOVES it!), unsweetened apple, mango and peach sauce, and cottage cheese with mashed avocado. Last night he had refried beans and loved them but I only gave him a small amount.

My two-year-old loved tuna fish salad mashed very fine - but not too much because of the mercury! Try steaming so boneless fish and puree it with a bit of mayo.

Continue with the soft foods as you introduce finger foods. Eventually she will grow out of them but not before she has most of her teeth.

Hope this helps.

Alyson - posted on 03/24/2009




I feel im in the same boat as you. my son (july 27) still eats mostly all baby food. I have the book the super baby food diet and it has been pretty helpful but im always wondering if he should be eating more finger foods. He also eats the puffs but wont really eat any other finger foods i give him. He does eat yogurt, yo baby, baby's first yogurt is what we use, mixed in with fruit, and we tried tofu this week. Im not going to try meat until after he is a year old (as reccommended by the super baby food diet)

Natalie - posted on 03/24/2009




My daughter ( July 23rd/08 ) doesn't eat any baby food with meat in it either! all she does it gag! so i will try again, later when she has teeth, since she doesnt have any yet. This is her routine for the day:

Morning: Heinz baby Oatmeal/ or the Yougurt Raspberry cereal, then some fruit.

about and hour later she drinks roughly 5-6 ounces of formula.

Noonish: Veggies and fruit for lunch with Gerber Puffs ( cut in half ) for dessert with pear or apple juice, she drinks from a sippy cup.

Mid afternoon: another bottle of formula

Dinner: More veggies and fruit with Gerber puffs ( pretty much the same as lunch )

Then bed time ( usually 8:30ish ) bottle of formula again.

Shanna - posted on 03/24/2009




I found that the majority of the yogurt is all fat free or low fat with aspertame in it! Or like that activia with all this added junk - so that was a job in itself just trying to find a good yogurt. Anyone know if theres anything I should stay away from? Like aspertame I couldnt imagine would be any good!

Shanna - posted on 03/24/2009




Thank you all very much for your responses!!!


Fareley cookies - thats what they're called!! Brooke LOVES them!


BETHANY - thanks, my daughter HATES meat too. She will SOMETIMES eat the organic jarred stuff if I mix it with carrots or sweet potatos so I usually try that at lunch - supper time she is usually tired so she wont try anything she doesnt really enjoy. 


I was looking for yogurt yesterday for about 20 minutes lol. Trying to find something with the least amount of ingredients. I couldnt find the baby stuff or anything made with whole milk so I have some that is 2% I'm going to try that today and maybe look at a diffferent store to see what I can find. I get so worried feeding her anything but baby food :S


I know I HATE seafood SO much lol but I think the little tuna flakes would be easy for her to eat. If she doesnt like them that is 100% ok with me - I cant stand the smell of fish. But I think I'm going to try it out.


I am breastfeeding and giving vitamin D drops and luckily she still loves breastfeeding! Almost to the point that I'm not sure if I will be able to wean her at 1 year.


Is everyone still breast/formula feeding before a meal? Do you do that until they are a year old? I breastfeed about 30 minutes before her meal.


Thanks again for all of your responses. And more are welcome :)

Bethany - posted on 03/24/2009




I swear, some days my son lives on cheerios and cheese! Most days it's a challenge getting him to eat baby food- which I still want him to enjoy to get vitamins and foods I don't normally buy....I've tried putting cereal in with the fruit or vegetables and sometimes that helps (but sometimes not!). He HATES meat- I've tried all sorts- mixed, not mixed, before other food, after other food...a couple of spoons of something he likes then "sneak" a bite of meat- he's too smart for that trick! haha!

Anyway- he LOVES yogurt which I find strange since it's the same consistency as baby food...I saw that someone recommended a baby yogurt- I've heard that it's important to get one made with whole milk so I also use baby yogurt (L'il Ones, I think it's called) plus they are sweetened with juice not sugar or substitutes.

As for cheese- like I said this is big at our house and often what happens is I will start with baby food and he will most likely only eat a few bites. Then I'll switch to cheerios and little pieces of cheese (I've used the shredded too, but find the pieces are easier to pick up). We also "shared" a grilled cheese at McDonald's (I know I know- not the healthiest place! haha! but it was so much fun and so cute!) and I've made him one for his lunch today...not sure how we will make out.

I should look into fish, too. We are not big fish eaters either- and I'm not sure I have the stomach to even feed him Tuna- but I guess when he's 6 and I'm trying to find things for his lunch for school, I'll appreciate his liking Tuna! :~D

As for the vitamins and protein- I try to make sure that Eric is still drinking enough formula (another challenge!) and trying to get at least a little cereal into him. Just so I know that the basics are covered. From what I've read I think that besides getting extra iron and Vit D if breastfed most of their nutrition does still come from milk and formula up to 10 months or a year...

(I also like wholesomebabyfood.com)

Thanks for starting this discussion- I also feel lost most days! (And sorry I'm so long winded! haha!) :~)

Alycia - posted on 03/23/2009




Gabriel is 8 months and I make his food ahead of time and freeze it. He eats banana rice cereal with pureed fruits in it and a bottle for breakfast, snacks any time of day are mum mums or Farley cookies (I think that's what you couldn't remember come in banana and original) or the gerber puffs always has a sippy cup with water hanging around, lunch is a bottle and some mixed veggies (homemade), and supper is usually chicken and sweet potatoes or squash or something with a smaller bottle of formula than usual!

I have a really great website I use to get recipes and a kind of guideline of what foods are okay at what age...just a guideline but it might help you feel better!


[deleted account]

Hi Shanna..my daughter (July 27 birthdate) is on a "spoon strike" and will eat Puffs dipped in baby food (stage 2 or 3), or right off my finger if I dip that.  We recently discovered the MumMums and I give her one at the end of a meal when I need time to clean up her tray.  She likes banana chunks and alphabet noodles, which I can cook down to mush and they are small).  She has been feeding herself (pincher grasp) for about a month now and her favorite food is steamed sweet potato.  Hope that helps...

Heather - posted on 03/23/2009




My daughter was born July 1. Our pediatrican said to give her baby foods and her formula along with finger foods like those made by gerber (puffs, biter biscuits, yogurt melts etc.) until she was at least 9 months old. At 9 months she can start to have over cooked pasta and some table foods. Definately no corn, honey or chocolate before the age of 1.  My everyday schedule is a bottle and cereal plus a little fruit. Bottle at 10, Lunch is either fruit or a veggie (4 oz. container), Bottle around 2, dinner is another 4 oz jar of food and another bottle. She normally has a snack around 4 o'clock and it's normally juice and puffs or yogurt melts.  I hope this helps.

Nichola - posted on 03/23/2009




my son is eating all the baby foods...he was 8months on the 18th...he doesnt like the 3rd baby foods so i started giving him any of the food we eat at the table....he like grilled cheese i only put one piece of cheese and then cut it up really small...he will also eat cooked veggies in lil pieces...for finger foods he does the puffs and yogurt melts...he will eat the other food i give him by himself but only if its when he is really hungry otherwise he still kinda plays with it....i worry about him getting all the right nutrients too becuz there is so much that he cant really eat....and for yogurt i buy the yo-baby brand its made just for them and they have one with cereal at the bottom to mix in

Bridget - posted on 03/23/2009




for breakfast yesterday my daughter had banana (pieces for self-feeding) and porridge, lunch was kumara (sweet potato), broccolli, pumpkin and beef mince. Dinner was broccolli, carrot, potato, beef and plum sauce. Finger foods we often eat - steak, homemade oven chips (kumara or potato), marmite on bread, pieces of avacado, bits of banana, florets of broccolli, just whatever i'm cooking in safe pieces. I give her finger foods after I've fed her my mashed foods.

If you are giving yoghurt, find a specific baby one as it will have less sugar. Grated cheese works really well as finger food to eat in the kitchen with you while you cook dinner. Tinned tuna is fine, try to get a good quality one and make sure it's in spring water NOT brine or oil.

Orangegloves - posted on 03/23/2009




Nothing with added salt. No preserved meats and not Tuna in brine, but tuna in sunflower oil is fine. I'd start her on organic baby yoghurts. Mine eats everything, like yous, but she doesnt like tuna. She likes bolognase. We havent given her any other meats yet since we dont really eat them ourselves, but we're having a BBQ soon so she'll get to try meats then.

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