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Potty Training!!!!!


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Michelle - posted on 01/10/2010




Thank you, Leah for posting this question! I was getting ready to ask as well. And, thank you so much to everyone else for all the very helpful suugestions! Sometimes it's awesome how I can just read other questions and replies and get so much helpful, insightful info! Thanks ladies!

Jenny - posted on 01/10/2010




i read that 2 or 2.5 is the avg age where you usually begin the potty training and if early, then it may be too soon and end up taking the same amount of time or longer. I wouldn't force it if your baby shows an aversion or fear. you can keep it around his playroom or bedroom and let baby "play" with it and show him how to sit on it. my son always peed on the bedroom or bathroom rug right after his bath (arghh!) so i figured that was a regular time he goes and perfect b/c he was naked already. he got freaked out a bit using it in the bathroom but his bedroom made it less threatening and more fun. He peed the first time and pretty consistently every night now after his bath. now it's our fun thing to do together. at the very least, he sits on it for 15 secs and gives it a go. it's been a challenge keeping him on the seat because he's always on the go. i lavish praise whether he "produces" or not. he thinks it's fun and it's become a great bonding activity. has good articles on potty training. that website is my childrearing enclyclopedia.

Jessie - posted on 01/10/2010




I tried several seats with my son. His favorite at the start was the freestanding Baby Bjorn one-piece potty. Advantages of potties that sit on the floor is that kids can feel more secure, they can get on/off by themselves, and they can go to the potty at the same time as Mommy (they like to copy) so that helps with reminders when you can both go together.
After a week or two of using his little blue potty seat, he started refusing and would instead try to climb onto the toilet! So he hasn't used that little seat since, but it still was nice to have because when I first tried him on the big toilet he just wanted OFF.
He liked padded seat toppers more, especially in the beginning when he was picky. The combo seats are not padded, and are not as easy to clean as the b'jorn, and the "step stool" is not rubber padded on any I've seen so it slips around and is pretty useless. Glad I bought it for only $2 used - sold it for $5 on craigslist later. :)

My favorite seat topper, which he wouldn't use at first (because Mr. Picky likes padded seats) until he'd been on the toilet for a couple months with his padded seat topper, was replacing our toilet seat with this concept. The toddler-sized seat folds right up into the lid of the toilet. When he needs to go, he pulls his seat down. When adults use it, the toddler seat is up. It's really simple and doesn't take up space and is easy to clean (a lot of seat toppers can drip around bottom so when you take them off you have to wipe the adult seat). These types of seats you can buy at Lowe's or other stores that sell toilet seats, they're easy to find and not that expensive, it's actually a really nice adult toilet seat, too, big improvement over the crappy bendy plastic one we used to have.

My favorite step stool is a one or 2-step folding paint ladder. They're cheaper than a lot of the stools sold for kids, and sturdier with rubber pads at the bottom. Plus they fold up flat so are easy to store or move, and Dax was able to climb easily up and down holding the metal handle part all by himself at just 14 months old. I found it by accident while at a store that was supposed to carry kid step stools but did not. Mine looks similar to this. Dax loves climbing up it to wash his hands at the sink or brush his teeth at night before bed. And there have been several times where he has lost his footing/balance, and reached out to grab the metal bar to steady himself, so I've been really happy with it. We'll probably keep it around, it's a nice lightweight step stool and has a weight limit of 200lbs so adults can use it too.

When we first started potty training, I took books in the bathroom to read to him to make it fun and help him relax and not feel pressure or anxiety. We also did fingerplay songs like Itsy Bitsy Spider or patty cake. I'd read until he went, usually 1-5 board books. When he got the hang of it and was telling me when he needed to go, he'd pretty much sit down and go right away so we weren't spending as much time in there anymore. Sure beats fighting him to lay still for diaper changes!
Now I keep balloons in the bathroom. That's the only time I let him play with them to try and keep them extra fun. So he'll go in there and I'll blow up a balloon and let the air out several times and he'll laugh as it flies around the room.

Hopes this helps. The first week or two can be tough (time-consuming, spending lots of time in the bathroom) but it's awesome when they get the hang of it and tell you and use the potty! :)

Leah - posted on 01/10/2010




Thank you. We have been working on it for about a week now. He hates the potty!!!

Alycia - posted on 01/10/2010




it's a slow process that demands time and patience and different techniques for each individual kid. Just let them get used to the potty and read them books about it and use words of association like when you change them you say oh you went pee, ya know we should pee in the potty...just stuff like that. We're still working on it but now when I say where do we go pee and poop he goes over to his potty and takes his pants down. Unfortunately we haven't any major potty successes to report but we only started last week so I think it's progress that he know where to go do these things! Good luck just keep at it, some people find it easier to let them run around naked and without the comfort of a diaper or anything they recognize the feeling better so it's all about what works for you and your schedule!

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