Should I use the stay in bed technique during nap times, too?

Brandee - posted on 02/19/2010 ( 1 mom has responded )




Sometimes Brandon (19 months) will take a two hour nap (noon - 2pm), but other days he take a 30 minute nap.. On the short nap days he will fall asleep again around 5pm.. Should I use the stay in bed technique when he wakes up after a short nap or just let him get up and take another nap later in the day? If I use the stay in bed technique I want to do it full out and be consistent.. not use the technique one day, then let him get up early the next time..His regular sleep time at night is 8:30pm-8am.

Stay in bed technique = go into the room, lay him back down and just stand near the door, no eye contact or speaking, until he goes back to sleep

What would you do?


Charity - posted on 02/19/2010




I do the stay in bed technique with my 19 month old son. It works most of the time, except on the days that he truly isn't sleepy. I'm able to tell the difference by his reaction after I shut the door. At first I would sometimes have to try 2 or 3 times before he would go back to sleep. Now though if I lay him down once he will usually go back to bed, but if he gets right up and starts playing then he isn't tired. I don't let him take a nap later on if he doesn't take a nap when it's 'nap time', I just put him to bed a little early. Seems to work for me. It has worked great for me, the Stay in bed technique!

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