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Sippy cups with spouts? Straws? Or just plain cups?

Lyly - posted on 02/16/2009 ( 5 moms have responded )




Hi everyone,

My bubbie has mastered holding his own bottle when drinking his formula.

Just wondering what is the best option for feeding him other fluids in?

Sippy cups with spouts? Straws? Or just plain cups?

Any advantages with one in particular?


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Anne - posted on 02/16/2009




Well, getting your child to use a regular cup is the best thing, I believe, although we have used sippy cups, too. As a Montessori teacher I have learned that our babies WANT to use cups now...when they're two (or whenever you're trying to get them to use them), not so much. Now is their "sensitive period" for that. Also, I've heard from speech pathologists that cups are better because you have to use your jaw differently to drink from a cup than from a sippy cup, which is more bottle-like.

Alycia - posted on 02/16/2009




My son uses the Avent magic trainer cup, it has a soft sippy spout and handles for him grab. He likes it and you only have to suck hard once then the liquid comes nicely and it's spill proof. Works for us!

Andrea - posted on 02/16/2009




My daughter is drinking water out of a non-spill sippy cup. The ones from Gerber. The first couple of times she just chewed on the spout but after a while she just got it.

User - posted on 02/16/2009




I give my son juice and water with some of his meals or if he needs a drink

I got a sippy cup which is made my nuby. It has a soft top for him to suck out of. He couldnt get nothing out of the hard top ones

Amy - posted on 02/16/2009




I think it depends on the bub.

My little one has tried the non-spill spout but didnt like it because of how hard she had to suck to get it out. I have given her some of my water from a cup and she seemed to prefer that so I got her some sippy cups from tupperware where you can use them as normal cups when there is no lid. I prefer the lid because if she drops it there is less spill and the spout directs the flow directly into her mouth

I havent tried one with a straw.

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