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Julie - posted on 02/10/2009 ( 13 moms have responded )




Has anyone let their little one have a teething biscuit yet? I think Asher is ready but I am worried about him biting it off and choking. If you have used them how are they working and what kind did you buy. Most kinds I have found say for 9 months and above.


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I bought rice rusks, and ate one to test how soon it would dissolve, and thought it wasn't fast enough if my daughter did choke on it, so I'm not giving it to her yet. Considering she chokes quite a bit if I give her food that is too textured, I don' think she's ready for biscuits yet. Also, make sure whatever you buy doesn't have much sugar, because those little teeth can rot pretty fast. I don't think the biscuits are really useful in teething per say, but they will teach the baby to bite off and chew their food.
Good luck!

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We buy the Farley's biscuits. They cannot choke on them because they don't break. They just sort of melt in their mouth.  I find that they are super safe for them to eat and they love them.

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I did the Gerber biter biscuits and he doesn't have any teeth yet so has not managed to break off pieces. But it is very messy, so I do like above and just be prepared for a bath afterwards! I tried the Zwieback toast and it crumbles...too much just yet....

But I have also given a large Carrot, peeled and Celery....but only because he has no teeth. And supervised. He loves them because he can hold them and they're cold.

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Mine had bikipegs from 6 months old. She has bitten peices off and gagged on them, but as long as you're close by to smack them on the back if they need it... they have to learn. She eats granary bread and everything now. She still sometimes chokes and gags a peice back up but that's part of the learning process. I've only twice had to grab her and bang her on the back to dislodge a peice of something, but both times was when she had a cold and was all phlegmy. She was choking enough to make herself sick in the night those times anyway, even with her cot raised at an angle.

I did put slimy foods like kiwi and orange in a mesh to start with because they're so slippery that if she tried to suck them they'd just go straight down her throat. Now she can eat anything though with no problems. If she chokes on a bit, she just gags or coughs it back up and carries on.


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Maria - posted on 02/18/2009




mine is starting to have biscuit since he was 5 months old. at the beginning, I melt the biscuit with milk, n at the 2nd phase I break the biscuit into small pieces. so I can let him chew it without worrying him being choked. now he can hold and eat the biscuit by himself. you can find baby's biscuit for 6 months old baby on stores. And its true, they're melting inside mouth. so don't worry. you'll work it out.

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Last night I gave my daughter one of the Gerber Biter Biscuits. She really liked it. She only has one tooth that just broke through the gums and she was able to do just fine. I sat with her and supervised though just in case. They mostly just melt into mush.

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I give my son the gerber biter biscuits and yes they are messy but they are good fo teaching them how to handle foods...I make sure I am neaby when he eats it, but so far so good, they are quite big and usually he only eats it fo about 5 mins befoe it is dropped on the floor! We have not had any choking or gage reflexes.

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I have given my son the biter biscuits by gerber. He is only about 7 months and has 6 teeth. Just supervise your child and everything should be ok they are a mess though I usually give him one about a half of an hour before bathtime. And if he bites some off he usually spits it out like he doesn't like the texture or just not sure what to do with it.

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Yes ive given my little boy bickiepegs, they have a little piece of ribbon that you thread through a hole in the biscuit for safety, i would never let him have one unsupervised but he has as yet been unable to bite a piece off and he's got his 2 front teeth on the bottom. He likes them!

Jena - posted on 02/11/2009




What brand are they? I tried to look for some last weekend and I saw a lot of things that looked like baby crackers or cookies, but none that said "teething biscuit"?

Tina - posted on 02/10/2009




Ive tried them, and pieces do break off pretty easy, so I tried breaking it in half and putting it in one of those little feeding nets, and that worked pretty good. It just kinda melts in there.

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