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Renee - posted on 02/28/2011 ( 2 moms have responded )




my two year wont take naps, won't go to bed until 11 or midnight and wakes up screaming every night! when I go in to comfort her she is coherent she will answer my questions but she gets very violent kicking screaming and scratching! If I pull her into bed with me she will eventually calm down and go back to sleep if I don't we are in for an extremely long fight which means my husband and I don't get the sleep we need. I tried sleeping on her floor last night to see if that would help but she still woke up screaming and trying to hurt me. We are making an appointment with a new pediatrician who is supposed to be very good, I hope she can help. I was just wondering if anybody else has this problem?


Brandee - posted on 03/02/2011




My son has woken up on several occassions screaming and kicking.. Sometimes they are night terrors (he will just scream and moan, no real words) other times he can carry a conversation.. We strictly enforce nap time and bed time.. We follow the schedule he has at day care.. He naps daily from 11:30am-2pm and goes to bed at 8:45pm each night.. We adjust our schedules to make those things happen.. It was a battle of wills when it came to naptime for a while, but my husband and I stuck it out and we won the war.. we followed the SuperNanny Stay In Bed technique.. One day we kept putting him to bed until 2pm.. He fought the whole time.. Now he will sometimes wake at night and walk into our room (no more monitors).. I tell him "it is night night time, go back to your bed and I will cover you".. I escort or sometimes carry him.. Put him to bed, cover him, and leave the room.. If he is really upset and yelling for me I stay in the hall to see if he gets up.. If he does I tell him "its night night time, i love you" and walk out again.. If he stays in bed but continues to yell, I shhhh him from the hall and tell him "night night" in a loud whisper.. For the night terrors our doctors said to just stay in the room and make sure they don't get hurt, but we shouldnt talk or touch him.. That is soo hard.. Good luck but most of all be consistent.. If you want her in her bed, then you have to keep putting her in her bed!


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Liz - posted on 02/28/2011




Maybe she has a bladder infection/uti? I don't know how familiar you are with them, I'm not very familiar myself but a friend of mine has 4 girls who all have had problems in this area, especially at night. Vinegar baths are one thing that seem to work for her girls, but I can't remember the measurements of vinegar to water, sorry. I'm not sure if she's potty trained yet, but my friend's girls don't wear underwear to bed and that seems to help.

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