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My daughter is now 14 months old. She's always been a GREAT sleeper, always slept through the night until about a month and a half ago. She has had several severe illnesses including strep throat and chickenpox within this time period. She's just getting over the chicken pox right now. She literally passes out from lack of sleep in the day time (about 3 times a day), and refuses to go to sleep at night. It's 4:30am right now and I JUST got her to shut her eyes and go to sleep. I just cant take it anymore, I feel like I'm going to die from exhaustion. I mean, if baby dont sleep, mommy dont sleep...so you can figure how much sleep I've been getting these past couple weeks. Any suggestions on how to fix this and get her back on a regular sleep schedule?


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Hey Jessica. It's been three days since you posted and I know you've probably checked back to see if anyone had some telling revelation to help you out. No one has responded because they just don't know what will help your little one sleep. I'm one of them. I'm responding to say that you seem stressed and I'm so sorry. I've been in your EXACT position. Her sleep/wake cycle is disturbed and sickness will do that. Calming bedtime routines may not work to allow her to sleep right away but may soothe her and eventually put her back on track. As parents we've all questioned ourselves..."Do we keep her awake during the day? Is this cruel? If I don't she's never going to sleep tonight"...It's especially hard when everything has been great. I'm nurse and a mommy of two and I have no great answers but I will say this; you sound like you need a friend, a nice cup of coffee, and a nap with no worries. Go do those things. Kids are hard and you deserve it.

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