baby food vs table food

Ashlie - posted on 03/26/2010 ( 6 moms have responded )




so i made the mistake of giving him quite a bit of table food,he was born july 4th

he crawls and has 3 teeth but he eats baby food sooo fast and even after 2 jars hes still hungry and refuses to take the bottle before food and wants anything and EVERYTHING i eat..


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Vicki - posted on 03/27/2010




I second what Gail has said. My boy has only ever had table food, no special baby Gerber anything. It's a marketing con, don't buy into it. There's nothing wrong with his belly.

Gail - posted on 03/26/2010




Nothing wrong in baby eaching similar foods to the rest of the family provided you watch the sugar and Salt content. Personally apart from the freeby baby food jar, he only has home made food.

I steam my veg anyway so put extra in for Josh. I dont mush or purify any food just slightly mash it but he is totally fine with this, and this also gets him used to different textures. Add a bit of potatoe to bulk it out a bit.

He loves chicken, and for this i do get the blender out but only to break the meat up,, basically just get some foil put the chicken along with potatoe, carrot, sprouts and now just added to this sweetcorn, mushroom and mangetoot.

The more variety you offer now should stop fussy eaters of the future.

Lots and Lots of fingers foods,, and let them try things of your plate (no added salt/sugar). As for cerals, becareful read the labels,, but Weetabix is a good one recommended by my health visitor.

He still needs his milk, but that is a meal in itself so give him that outside his 2 main meals and offer a drink instead with the meal.

Good luck

Iysha - posted on 03/26/2010




He should be having about 3-4 ounces of his bottle with his food its fine...and 4-6 oz of bottle ate his bottle feeds. Giving table foods is fine, he doesn't need to be eating baby food, but he needs his formula/breastmilk for proper nutrition to grow.

I give my daughter both baby food and table food...tonight she had chile verde with pork and sour dough bread. This morning she had baby food (pineapple pear) mixed with cereal. For lunch she had mashed potatoes, peas and beans. Bottle with everything.

Don't give processed stuff to isn't really the best thing to be giving him...I agree with Melissa...instant oatmeal isn't a good idea.

Melissa - posted on 03/26/2010




Im sorry, but i have to comment on that...Adult instant oatmeal is NOT good for a baby!! Thats why they make Gerber "Baby Oatmeal". The regular stuff will really mess p your babys belly. Just ask your Pedi!

Emily - posted on 03/26/2010




haha! my son does the same thing! Hell I gave my son pizza at 6 months! lol try him on oatmeal, if you ahve to take a bite of it yourself, thats what I ahve to do with my son. I make him a huge bowl of instant oatmeal an pretend im eating it an he'll eat the whole thing an pass out lol try that!!

Melissa - posted on 03/26/2010




Hmmm, my son was born July 5th, I just started him on table food when he was about id say 7 months, he still eats his jar food but eats with me also, Have you introduced baby jar meats??? Or the baby jar dinners? Like mac n cheese, Chicken and apples, macaroni and beef, etc? My son LOVES them! If I give him a straight veggie like carrots, I give him a 1/2 jar of a meat..& if he dont, I give him a full jar of a baby dinner along with bits of whatever im eating! I also reduced his bottle beacause hes actually wearing prolly 2oz. of the 7 I give him so I started just giving him 5oz bottles and he seems to be good. I give it to him before he even sees his jar food! Also, are you giving oatmeal or rice in the AM or snacks inbetween time??? If ya wanna message me, Id love to try and answer any questions or try and "compare" baby notes!? :o)

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