Baby has large mass on back of neck.

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My son was born on July 5, 2009. He was two months premature. He is now almost 5 months old and from the day he was born he has had this mass on the back of his neck. At first I didn't notice it and just assumed that as he started holding his head up that it would go away. Well he still isn't able to hold his head up, no matter what I do. I asked his nurse at wic what I could do and she's just like do tummy time. Well, when he is in tummy time he can't move his head because of this mass. The size and position of the mass prevent him from being able to tilt his head back to try and push up or anything that he should be able to do in tummy time. He has an appointment with a plastic surgeon, but the surgeon cant even see him until Dec. 23. And I know that they won't do anything that day. So my baby is going to continue to not be able to develop because of this stupid mass. I have no clue what to do right now. It hurts my heart to see my lil guy like that. He smiles and laughs and acts like a normal baby but all that he can do movement wise is lie on his back and kick his arms and wave his arms. Any suggestions or helpful info would be great!! I can't stand watching it anymore.


Kristi - posted on 12/03/2009




Oh honey i'm so sorry to hear about your little boy. Do you watch the show "The Doctors"? There is a ped on that show named Dr. Sears. You should take a picture of themass and send it to him and see what he says.

Here is a way to contact him. He always says on the show if you have questions to contact him and he would love to help. Good luck and please post back to this site with an update in the future.

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