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my daughter is turning 1yrs old july 10th and how many bottles a day should she be having?? i give her 4bottle of 8oz's per day and have not been able to find the right sippy cup wich sippy cup has moms have more success with ?? just the other day she had 5 bottles in one day i dont know what to do i feed her lots of food she actually eats table food now whatever we eat sort of thing but not sure how to cut down on the bottles or how many to cut down to ?? or if i even need to lol thanks everyone who has taken there time to look at my current situation


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My daughter has 2 6oz bottles and 1 8oz bottle a day. She eats 3 meals and about one snack as well, and we leave a sippy of water out everywhere for her to take as wanted, and with her meals I'm now offering whole milk in a sippy and just put it in the fridge when we're done for the next meal. sometimes she takes a lot of it, sometimes barely any. She prefers to drink out of a cup, with my help, it is super messy though, but hopefully she'll catch on quick enough! I'm trying to give her more snacks/real food when she's hungry as opposed to introducing another bottle at almost 1 year, so far, so good!

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our daughter will be 1 july 10th too!!! our daughter has actually transitioned to whole milk and she has about 3 6.5 oz bottles of milk a day, but with food. she goes back and forth between a sippy cup and a bottle. we use the NUBY sippy cups and they are great. no issues with leaking and they make them with handles and no handles. so we have both types. the milk she usually takes from the bottle and we put juice in her sippy cups (that way i dont worry about it spoiling) but she has recently been favoring the sippy cup more. but we are still working on getting her to chew! she has some table food here and there but still has baby food as well. our daughter use to be on a fixed schedule of eating, but just in the past two weeks she has switched it up a basically i just read her signals and not feed or give her a bottle when i think she needs it, i wait for her to let us know. we were feeding her and giving her a bottle and she would throw a fit or just turn away (she wasn't hungry) so just try different will find what works

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if she is eating a good varity of foods, then just start to gradually swop to full fat milk.. You could always use some the toddler follow on milks if your worried about vitamins.

Ive tried also sorts of cups and things... i have found one out of the tommee range thats like a soft spout and when slighly squeesed together allows a flow of fluids,, some times this works. but mostly the only way i can get fluids into my little one is to offer some in a proper cup (holding it myself) or a normal bottle (i.e bottle water). Its trial an error but do try the proper cup thing,, might get them onto using one themself quicker.. good luck


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