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Illana - posted on 03/27/2010 ( 3 moms have responded )




My baby is nearly 9 months and I am so nervous to give her finger food. I am scared she chokes. What are you guys giving your babies of this age?


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Sabrina - posted on 03/29/2010




I am still breastfeeding my daughter as well as giving her cereal, baby food, yogurt, and juice. Last week I actually gave her some of those Gerber Puffs. They feel hard but once they hit her tongue, they start to dissolve. She seemed to really like them but didn't do too well feeding them to herself. With time, I am confident she will get the hang of it.

Sarah - posted on 03/28/2010




my 8 month old has been eating finger foods for 4 months. he hated being spoon fed so i just gave him some rice crackers(Baby Mum Mums) that melt in their mouths and are easy to grasp and viola! he now enjoys his new pincer grasp and successfully feeds himself with all kinds of baby finger foods.

yes, all babies choke on solid food. it is part of learning how to chew and swallow. but you have to remember that their gag reflexes are a lot more attuned than ours are. they may gag or "choke" on something just because it is near their the back of their throat, not because it is lodged in their esophagus. as long as you can hear them choking or gagging, passing air in any way, they will unclog their throats on their own. if you don't hear any coughing or gasping and they start turning funny colors with watery eyes, then you need to pick them up, bend them over your leg with their faces toward the ground and pat their back. i know this sounds scary because you wont be able to see their faces but i learned this from a licensed professional. the only time you should stick your finger in their mouths to scoop something out is if you can see it and it is NOT in the back of their throats. if you put your finger in there and it is already in the back of their throat, you may accidently push it back even further causing more problems.
but as for the finger food; go for it. she has to learn to eat sometime. :)

Jeanette - posted on 03/28/2010




i also have not given mine finger food but feel he is ready. i will probably wait till my 9mos pediatrician appt to ask what i should start with.

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