How do you get your child to go back to potty training,.

Amanda - posted on 10/21/2011 ( 3 moms have responded )




I'm using a timer and going every half hour or so but he isn't going. I'm trying to resist using diapers and us pull ups and big boy undies. Any ideas?


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Amanda - posted on 11/20/2011




my daugher will use big girl potty at grandmas all day long no problems but when she is home she wants diapers and will not use the toilet an ideas on how to get her to start using potty at home?

Lia - posted on 11/14/2011




Maybe taking your son every 1/2 hour is often. We bought a potty watch for our son. I got it from One Step Ahead and it worked great. We had it set for every hour, but it seemed like he didn't have to go that much so we scaled it back to every 1 1/2 hours and it was perfect.

Vicki - posted on 10/23/2011




Forget the pullups. When at home let him go without pants. Stop reminding him and let him wait until he needs to go. I know my boy gets annoyed if I constantly ask him about needing to wee and won't go! He'll have a few accidents, don't tell him off, just clean it up and say 'that's ok, potty next time' and he'll get it eventually.

Alternatively, he may not be ready. Assuming he's also a July 2009 they are still young. I wasn't even going to try toilet training until the weather warmed up more but he started refusing nappies so I just went with it.

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