how to start giving homo milk

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how much water do i mix with homo milk to start out with ?!? my daughter just turned 1yrs old july 10th and i have no idea how to start giving her homo was suggested to dilute it with water but not sure how much water and not sure how many bottles of it a day and not sure if i should still give her formula while starting her out on homo milk i considered other milks at first because her stomach is sensitive found out that i wasn't suppose to give her the pure homo milk?? so glad to find out that all i have to do it mix it with water i try'd goats milk which she loved intell i found out that is doesn't have enough iron well no iron at all!! was gonna try soya milk but i don't like the new studies that i found out about, and rice milk which i didn't like and i try'd a formual that she use to have which she doesn't like even thou it was the kind she started out on when she was born but she only likes the parents choice from walmart since she was about 7month old is when we indroduced it to her, thank you for reading my current situation :)


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Hi there,

Try dilluting the homo it with formula. Do half and half or 3/4 of formula and 1/4 homo and incease the amount of homo over time if your child is picky. Over time, you child will get use to the taste.

It worked for my daughter. I started the transition when she was close to 10 months because I had to go back to work early.

I didn't want her to let go of the nutritional value of breastmilk and so I was pumping enough breastmilk and mixing it with homo for her to use during the day while I am work. I breastfeed her only in the morning and evening for awhile. She is turning one this week and I just had her off the breastmilk and relying in only drinking purely homo. So far, it has been successful.

Good luck to you.


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thank you louvie i'll update every one once i get a chance to try it out :)

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homo is not working out even when i dilute it with water thinking of switching her to a formula to her age approiate scared she might not take it thou probably go see a doctor soon

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Im still nursing my 1 yr old, I dont plan on giving her homo milk to drink until shes weaned. But for the past couple days ive been giving her a bowl of cereal with milk in it and she loves it. Maybe you can try introducing your baby to homo milk with cereal at first to see if she has a reaction...?

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i think diluting the milk is more of a 'suggestion' rather than a rule. diluting it may make it taste a little 'smoother' to the baby, allowing them to get used to the taste--and still test for any allergies. i've tried some with my daughter--not diluted--and she loves it. :)

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I didn't know you were supposed to dilute the milk either. I've been giving my daughter milk for a few weeks now. She didn't have any problem adjusting to it, I replaced one of her bottles with milk and a small snack (usually a slice of bread cut up). I did start introducing her to dairy though when she was around 10 and 1/2 months. I started with just a spoonful or 2 of yogurt, or cottage cheese. Then about a month later I added the milk and she LOVED it. So just try adding just a little at a time, if your child has problems, I'd say back off and try a little later. Now if I eat yogurt myself... she throws a fit cause she wants it!

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My son just turned one and I haven't been diluting his milk and he has been doing fine with it. His Dr. didn't saying anything about that, but said that he shouldn't drink more than 12oz a day.

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My son wll be 1 on the 27th. I just started introducing homo milk and untill I read this I had no idea that I was supposed to dilute it. It does, however, make sense to me because I heard (and now have experienced) that it can be constipating.I was nervous about introducing homo milk because I thought it might upset his tummy or he wouldn't like it, but so far so good. I am very interested to see what other moms have to say.

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