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Hi I was hoping I could get advice from some other moms out there 👩 Or someone in the same boat or maybe has been in the same boat......I am currently 2 weeks late for my period , But have tested neg 3 times IM GOING INSANE , my breasts have been having this burning sensation on the sides up near my armpit and nipples , almost unbearable , Iv been cramping for at least 3 weeks I keep thinking my period is going to come but it never does ,these cramps feel like a sharp dull pain almost like someone is tugging near where my overies would be and my uterus feels heavy and somewhat sensitive to pressure ,it's a completely different feeling than period cramps I want to say it's almost like a burning poking sensation more than crampy, this pain it right where bikini line would being and goes down to my pubic bone, Iv been very gassy, and sensitive (piky) with foods ,some smells make me want to vomit , but overall just a loss of appetite , I can be starving and try to eat something, enjoy it for maybe 2 min before I start to feel nauseous... Iv also had morning sickness throughout the day ,accompanied with headaches sometimes, I woke up one morning and my lower back hurt so bad I couldn't even bend over without being in pain ,but over all I just feel heavy my lower abdomen feels so heavy and full even tho Iv lost 2lbs I'm so confused ! IS THERE A DOCTOR IN THE HOUSE ! ? It's frustrating I wish I could tell if I'm pregnant or not and if I'm not WHERE IS MY PERIOD 😭😭😭 Iv just about lost my mind googling all the possibilities my next assumption is overian cancer ): if I'm not Prego why am I so late ? someone please help any opinion at this point would ease my mind

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