is it weird if you cant feel yo baby move alot @ 5 1/2 months pregnant? i mean i can feel him move a lil bit but i dont know if he kickn or not..


Sherilyn - posted on 03/21/2009




How many weeks are you??You will feel the baby start to kick Alot around 28-30 weeks I am the same way but if you up late at night you might notice the baby is up and playing around in there ..... Careful you just might have a baby that likes to kick you in the ribs!! I am 23 weeks and right now is the time when you can start and play with the baby try talking and giving your tummy a small poke the baby will respond!
Hope this helps

Katie - posted on 03/13/2009




I feel my baby moving A LOT but I found out at my ultrasound that my placenta is attached to the back of my uterus, so that makes a big difference. If your placenta is attached to the front you probably won't feel as much movement. All three of my babies were/are big movers. Don't be worried, it's different for everyone.


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Sammy - posted on 04/29/2009




Ive have the same worries, but i had my appointment today (im 30 weeks) and she said as long as you can feel the baby move (not necessarily a kick, just a little wiggle is fine) at least 10 times in a 12 hours period that is "normal"!

Good luck with your birth =D

Deidre - posted on 04/28/2009




i'm 29 weeks pregnant now but he's startn to move more and more. he seems to be very stubborn because he move when he wanna move. but, i'm just anxious for him to get here now.

Ashley - posted on 03/13/2009




dont worry i'm the same way. there's days where i'll sit there and think i havent felt him move today. if you are up and about doing things you wont feel him as much as if you are just sitting there relaxing all day. i'm sure everything is just fine!

Rachel - posted on 03/12/2009




im the exact same way so im not to sure if its a good or bad thing.I can defiantly see it moving tons on the ultrasound and when i go to hear the heartbeat it moves away pretty fast so i know its moving. Im sure it just depends on who you aree and how big the baby is everyones different :) im sure youll be feeling it kick soon enough!

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