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Tonya - posted on 10/22/2009 ( 7 moms have responded )




I am the mother of a beautiful 3 month old girl. She is my first so I have a million questions that I am hoping some other mothers' can help me out with. First of all, I want to get her ears pierced, but is there anything that I need to know like what to do if they are irritated, or any advice that I need to know that I can't think of. Also, she eats as much as her father which is 6'2" (not really but seems like it). She eats every two hours and anywhere from 3-4 ounces. I am only breastfeeding 1-2 times a day, but seriously, is this normal? I try binkies, she isn't really into them, and she isn't really fussy until she gets hungry. My husband was making her a bottle last night while I was holding her, and it was like holding a hoover vacuum, she was sucking on my neck, chin, shirt. I really don't know what to do because her pediatrician says that her stomach is still really little and shouldn't be eating that much. But if I don't, thats when it all goes down hill. Like I said, besides that she is the happiest, smiliest baby that I've ever seen. Another question, I noticed a couple of days ago that while changing her diaper after she woke from sleeping all night, that the urine smelled REALLY strong. Since I like to call her pediatrician all of the time because I don't know what is normal or not (I can hear him rolling his eyes at me, in a funny way though, he's a great, caring doctor) they said for me to give her pedialyte since it is cold out and the air is really dry. I haven't noticed any change in her urine, but she does have a nice addiction to orange pedialyte now. Anyone ever have the strong urine smell? It's primarily in the morning, she does sleep from about 10 pm to around 7 am, so I don't change her diaper during sleepytime (her doc said not to wake her, she will be fine because I used to). Any other advice is by far more than welcome, she is my first and we are both learning. Thanks everyone!


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Audrey - posted on 10/25/2009




I have 2 girls (9&8) both got their ears done the same day as their 2month shots. which is the earliest you can have them done. They are holding up well to date. They cried more over their shots than they did getting their ears pierced! As far as your feedings-that is all normal. My son just turned 8 mths and he eats 4 to 5 ozs every 3 to 4 hours. His doctor said no more than 4 ozs because you dont want to stretch his tummy & get him used to eating more @ every feeding. Everything is normal-especially the urine smell since your not changing her through the night. Best of luck!

Ashley - posted on 10/24/2009




oh wow i wished my son ate that much..haha...he eats 8 ounces every 4 hrs. he's a big eater and a big guy. as for the diaper the mornings i can smell pee off of him. sometimes ill pick him up from his crib and you can smell pee off him. i think it's just because they are sitting in the pee all night and once it accumulates in the diaper it begins to smell. my oldest was the same way....

Donna - posted on 10/23/2009




My son is also 3 months old (July 24) he to eats every 2 to 3 hrs 4 oz. at a time. I asked the doctor if this was normal and he said in a matter of fact way "when he is hungry you feed him". I think what they do is eat so much during the day so they can sleep all through the night. He will sleep from 9:30 till about 4:30. I don't have any advice on the urine smell or the ear piercing for I have two little boys. Hope this makes you feel some what better.

Iysha - posted on 10/23/2009




The eating is doc said that my daughter was eating more than average (which is funny/wierd since she's small) but that she isn't gaining weight at a fast rate so it's ok...meaning, she is a big eater but isn't getting fat. She eats 4 oz every 3 hours ( 3/3.5 when she was 1 1/2 months to 2 1/2 months old) and sleeps from 9pm-6am...the same number of hours as your baby. The strong urine smell happens too...i think because she sleeps for so long and doesn't get her diaper changed for at least 9 hours since she's sleeping. That's a lot of pee, more than a usual diaper so it makes sense that it would smell stronger. The sucking on you whan she's hungry, my daughter does that too. Pedialite is usually given for diarrhea to help with dehydration...don't know why that would be advised. idk

Sounds like our daughters have a lot in common =]

Have fun, don't worry too much =]

Rebecca - posted on 10/23/2009




We got our daughter her ears done after her first set of needles,2 months. She cried more with her needles and we got her ears done within 15 minutes of her needles. She had tylenol before her needles so if you so get her ears done on a whim give her tylenol about 30 minutes before hand. Do research on the palce you want to get them done. Are they trained. Do they do both ears at the same time wtih 2 different people. We knew the 2 people who were working when we got her's done as it was the place we got my engagment ring from and have gone in a million times since lol. They shouldn't get irritated at this age, which si why we did them now as well becasue she can't get to them and pull. One has bled however as it is the side she likes to sleep on so my only tip would be to make sure she alternates when she sleeps. You say she eats breastmilk once a day, i assume the other times it's formula or is it pumped milk? Either way i say it is normal. Breastmilk digests quicker so she will need to eat more often. My first born was always at my breast...i mean always!!! I have since discovered with my daughter that sometimes they just want to suck which would explain why my son was always so spitty but i was against pacifiers at the time. I have now used it with open arms lol...and i know i will regret it very soon...stay away if you can lol. My daughter who is the same age keep in mind eats 4-6 bottles a day ranging from 4-6ozs... i think your daughter is fine my dear. I would personally not listen to the dr. If she is a healthy weight and not gaining agizillion pounds every few weeks i'm sure she'll be fine. I agree with the dr in not changing her during the night. If she wakes up durign the night by all means go ahead but I also don't change my daughter even if she wakes up during the night to eat i don't. She isn't fussy about it so why waste the diaper. I did with my son...and oh man in the run of a night i changed about 3 diapers...everytime he would wake to nurse i would...what a waste lol. My daughter too does have a strong odor to her diaper upon waking and yes it is because of all the pee. I wouldnt worry too much. Did you notice a smell when you used to change her during the night? It's just because there is so much sitting there. Think about it if you left 5 gallons of pee in the toilet i'm sure you would smell it lol. Your artical made me chuckle, thanks for that. The part about the dr rolling the eyes, lol. It;s been a long day so this was great. The onyl advice i can give is to get on a good routine. If she is eating around the same time everyday/night it will be easier for you later on when she starts eating solids and it will let you know when you cn get some cleaning done, go to the gym, actually get a shower maybe or hell have some "fun" with your spouse;) My daughter is on a really good schedule. We inforced it with our son when hewas little and it made since now. After her bottle around 6 i get to the gym around 7:30 after our son is in bed and by the time i get back she is either hungry or my bf has jsut fed her. I'm sure you will have a beautiful bouncy little girl and i highly recommend taking lots of photos because you wont want to miss a minute of this time.:) It honestly does go by really fast. If you do decide to get her ears done take a before and after pic, we didn't get a before pic which i regret but we have lots of pics of her before per say but not in that moment right before. It would be a nice thing to have:) Updates would be great too if you do get it done and anyother questions i would be more then happy to try to help out.

Good luck with everything:)

Amy - posted on 10/23/2009




our little girl is 3 months as well and she eats 5 to 6ozs every 3.5 to 4 hours so i think your little one is eating just fine (though sometimes she will do only 4). as far as the strong pee smell not sure about that...but never hesitate to call the doctor...i am a first time mom too and for the first two months i think i called her do once or twice a week (she also has reflux too so she spits up a ton) but she is a super happy baby....and you are super lucky about the sleeping from 10-7...our little girl use to sleep from about 9pm to 6am now she has decided that 2:30am is a good time to get up..luckily she usually goes right back to sleep...and if she is happy and smiling then that just means you guys are doing a great job!!! keep up the good work :-)

Sarah - posted on 10/22/2009




my son has the strong pee smell a lot...i think its normal...a lot of the time its when he pees a lot in his diaper but he has had it since birth so i'm not really worried about it and your lucky your little one sleeps thru the night mine still wakes up at 4am ugh...but i'm too scared to give him cereal yet because he spits up a lot with just formula and i don't want him to choke...and my son eats 5oz every 3 hours so it is completely normal for them to have 3 to 4 every 2 she might just be going thru a groth sprut he did at 6 weeks and ate 4 oz every 2 hours too and idk about the pedialyte i havn't heard that before...he might have be affraid she was gettin a bit dehydrated because of the smell

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