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Jessica - posted on 08/13/2010 ( 10 moms have responded )




My 13 month old has had a very "phlegmy" cough for over a week. Other than a runny nose, she seems to feel fine. The cough seems to be worst at night. Wondering when/if we should take her to the doctor. I know they can't really do anything for a cough... I just don't want to ignore it if it something more.


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my 13 month old son has had the same thing for 2 months ! its finally getting better but he had antibiotics and all and there no way im gonna keep giving him more courses of antibiotics coz it will do more harm then good.
he's not actually sick or whingy or feverish its just a cough (as u said, worse at night) and a runny nose...
hope this helps (btw the early childhood nurse said that this is their first REAL winter as last winter they were wrapped up newborns who dont go out much and she said as soon as the warm whether strats it shoudl be better).

Janet - posted on 08/13/2010




My daugher had the same thing, and at her one year check-up her Dr. suggested it was the poor air quality. He gave us an asthma pill if it got worse to help open her airways, we gave it to her once and never again. Seemed to kinda help but not enough to want to put her on meds on a guess. He said they can't check for asthma at this age so it's kind of a guessing game, and didn't want to put her antibiotics unless necessary, which I agreed with. She seems fine now and it's not so humid here these days, hope this helps.

Kelly - posted on 08/14/2010




HI :) if it was my little girl i would take her to the docs, it doesn't hurt to just check it...just in case it is something that will need meds. my little girl had alot of phlem when she coughed ( with flu) and it turned into a bad ear infections :(


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Carrie-Ann - posted on 09/03/2010




My 5 year old was the same way last winter when after a while we took her to the dr. and it turned out she had a contagious lung infection... she could also have a dairy allergy...

Vesna - posted on 08/28/2010




My daughter has had a cough for 6 weeks! For the first couple of weeks she would vomit every time she started to cough at night. that is the reason I took her to the doctor, they ruled out pneumonia and told me it's a virus. Nothing they can do. I took her to a naturopathic doctor who gave her a homepathic medicine that helped a lot, she is not coughing as much, no vomiting, but the cough is still there. It's frustrating but I just have to allow her immune system to fight it off I guess...

Mary - posted on 08/27/2010




Seems like my son ALWAYS has this cough, I've taken him to the doctor more than once for it. He had it for about 5 weeks before they gave him stuff for a sinus infection. I would say Don't take him, you'll end up wasting your money. Warm bath, vicks on the chest and feet at night, cool mist humidifier, suction out his nose etc. Wait at least 10 days before you take him to the dr (from onset), colds take 10 days at least to get over sooo... Sorry!! But always trust the mommy gut!!

Catrina - posted on 08/22/2010




my little girl is 13 months and just started to get a little cough and runny nose it just started but I have been giving her meds for allergys since her eyes were watering too. I hope it helps, But she still has the same cough going on so I dont know what can be wrong with her going to take her to the doctor as soon as I can

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My doc has always told me to use an humidifier because it could be that the air is to dry. That or it is allergies and the doc said binadryl is the best thing for that. Otherwise I would have the doc check her out.

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When my daughter has bronchitis it sounds kind of like that. It's not a bad cough like I associate with bronchitis. She has now had it four time in the last 6 months and each time I'm surprised b/c it doesn't seem that bad to me. I would have your daughter checked, it can't hurt.

Christina - posted on 08/19/2010





My 13 month old daughter has the same thing. It has been going on now for just over a week. Same thing, runny nose and nagging cough. I have been using a cool mist humidifier in her room with the Vick's pads that go in the humidifier. I think it's helping her sleep but she wakes up the next day and her cough isn't any better. I would think that as long as it's not in his/her chest he/she will get over it daughter's cough is wet but it sounds like the phlegm is in her throat. One of my co-workers son's has the same thing...she said it is going around the daycares (in Alberta) and it take a long time to heal. With that said, if you are concerned, go to the Dr. and just make sure the cough isn't in his/her lungs. That might give you some peace of mind.

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