Potty training help?

Kester - posted on 08/12/2011 ( 2 moms have responded )




I am potty training my son( who turned 2 July 1) he is doing well except that he wont tell me when he needs to go. He will go(pee and sometimes poop) if I take him but he won't tell me. I have used stickers and candy to reward him going. But I need help getting him to tell me I do alot of laundry because I put him in underwear instead of pull-ups. Any ideas would be wonderful.


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Rachel - posted on 09/30/2011




So, my son is the same age as yours and he just recently started going pee and poo on the potty. Though he only does so when we are at home (and when he is diaperless). I think that is the trick, to leave them diaperless, b/c then they are more aware of it. When he has his diaper on he just forgets! Also, it's totally normal for them to get off the potty and then go on the floor. It's a control thing for them at this age. You really just have to wait until they are ready, definitely impossible to force a toddler. Another trick I have, is when I ask him if he needs to use the potty and he says no, I say, "but don't you want to show Ernie (or one of his stuffed animals) how you go on the potty? He doesn't know how to, and it would really help him!" This works EVERY time! Give it a try!
Oh and this is still really really young for boys to be potty trained! Good luck!
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Janet - posted on 08/13/2011




With our daughter it took at least 4 months of us just constantly putting her on the potty, with a lot of success, before she started telling us WHILE she was going, and now we're at the part of her telling us with enough time to get her to a potty BEFORE she actually goes, about a month later. This is my first instance with potty training so don't know if that's the norm, but for her it just sorta "clicked" one day and she started telling us before she's going.

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