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Generally my child's doctor is great. I had to switch from the doctor I used with my first two kids because we moved and I'm not sure I like this new doctor but I also don't want to keep changing doctors. My problem with him is that he thinks he knows more than I do about my own child. I know he is the doctor and he went to school for a long time to learn this stuff, but I have been a mother for almost 8 years and my kids are healthy and happy. It all started when I asked him why my baby cried all the time. He said it was colic and the only thing I could do was wait it out. We did that and I went without sleep for months. I was breastfeeding her all the time and some of my family suggested that we switch to a bottle. She also had really bad gas that I thought might be causing her to cry alot. The next visit to the doctor I asked about the gas and he didn't seem concerned even though her father and I were. She also hadn't eased up on crying at all. He didn;t seem concerned about that either. I asked about switching to formula. He said that would make it worse. Finally whenJanuary hit I switched to formula and within two days (seriously) she was happier and sleeping almost all night long. Her last appointment, I told him about it all, and he didn't seem to care. He aknowledged I said it and went on to the regular check up questions.

My main concern is that my children have a good doctor. Should I stick with this guy or find someone new?


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Hi Amber, I agree with Jeneen, find yourself a new Doctor, this guy is obviously very little help and you need to be confident when visiting him/her. You can shop around in your local area, and go to a few, settle with the one who is interested in your child, and hopefully you will be alot more confident in taking your children to the Doctor in future :)
You are the Mum, and usually our intuition knows best ;)

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find someone new! you are the mom, and I found that it was really hard to listen to my instinct because I thought the dr's knew what they were talking about. Most of the time, yes they do, but often I find myself thinking differently.

For example, when my son was born he was in the NICU for 4 days with "acid reflux". He was prescribed Zantax and Reglan. They both made him intolerable and angry. Sounds crazy, but seriously it was unbearable.

5 weeks go by and I decided, without asking the doctor, to take him off the meds. I did ask the Dr. about switching formulas, and we did to Soy. Ever since that day, my son is a different child. Happy, content, etc. I firmly believe that he never had acid reflux, b/c he never had any of the symptoms I read about. Listen to your gut!


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