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my daughter has been prescribed reglan for her acid reflux.

ive herd stories about permanent ticks from this medication

also stories about how good it works

so have any of you know or been on reglan?

if so tell me how it affected them.

please and thank you


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Candace - posted on 11/14/2009




My son is also on reglan. He is four months and came home from the NICU on it. Honestly, I rarely give it to him. He has days when he spit up but I think that is because he gets too full at times. Then once he spits up he only does it one time. The doctor told me that he would prob be on it until he was four months which he turned on the 10. At the hospital I think he just needed to burp but his nurse did not do it and then he was getting fed with a tube they had him on his stomach or laid him down before he burped. So make the call on that one though. Change his milk if you have to. Or see how he does it with it and then go a day or so without it. to determine if he needs it.

Rebecca - posted on 11/12/2009




Ok so your daughter is only 4 months old correct? Well my son would projectile vomit as a baby as well. We changed his formula before filling our perscription. We found the best formula for him was Enfamil Gentel Ease. He used it for 4 months before spitting this up as well and he was about 9 months old...our Dr told us to start introducing Homo milk in his bottles to switch him early. He was on Homo milk fully by 10 months. Keep in mind some children don't know when they are full which will cause them to over eat and then spit it up. turns out this was his real issue. Our son is now 2 years old. We think if we gave him a pacifier we wouldnt' have had this problem as kids need to suck. We gave in to our daughter becasue we didn't want ehr to have the same issue. She is now 4 months old and off the pacifier already. She eats anywhere's between 4-6ozs 4-6 times a day. Both of my kids are gaining weight at healthy rates so if your daughter is gaining weight fine i would personally not fill the perscription and not waste my money. We used to burp our son every 2ozs. It worked for us again until he was about 9 months old. We was nursed for 3 motnhs and he would spit that up a lot too...again he just wanted something to suck not actully digest. If you aren't against pacifiers i would suggest maybe getting one for a few months until she can distinguish when she is full as well. Burping every 2ozs will also help as it will have time to settle some while you get a burp out. A small amount of spit up is normal but if it's mroe the an oz at once it is not. Try the formula i mentioned as well if it is available in your area. It is thicker then normal formula and coats the stomach more gently. If it doesnt work try a lower iron formula. Some babies can't handle the high iron levels.

Good luck!

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