she wont let me put her down

Sian - posted on 05/03/2010 ( 9 moms have responded )




10 months old and she wont let me put her down i could be in the same room and put her on the floor and she will cry and if i leave the room she follows me crying to the point she gets herself into a right state i cant leave her with anybody and she doesnt even put herself to sleep in her cot she has to lie on me to go to sleep its really starting to get me down please help


Vicki - posted on 05/06/2010




10 months is a really normal age for separation anxiety and it does pass! Let her stay with you, you don't need to force her to cry. You aren't 'spoiling' her. Obviously there are things that need doing, we all need to pee and eat, but get someone else to look after other things. I wear my boy in a sling and use a hipseat which helps me get some things done, keeps him with me and happy.

Sara - posted on 05/12/2010




We had this exact same problem so I asked our doctor.. she said just let her cry. At bedtime and most other times you should stick to the same routine. The doctor said for bedtime give her a little cereal about an hour before bed and give her bedtime bath and bedtime lotion. then feed her the bottle and put her in bed and leave her there. She is already in the routine that if she cries enough you will pick her up.. you just have to let her cry. The dr said don't do it until you are absolutely ready and know you're not going to pick her up when she cries. Try that and see how it works.. took my daughter an hr and a half of crying before she finally got the idea. but the dr said that's okay that it's good for babies lungs to cry. She will get louder and louder so put her in her bed shut the bedroom door and walk away and don't go back in there.

Fanta - posted on 05/08/2010




At this age separation anxiety sets in. Sa'mya cries whenever i walk out of the room but she knows i'll be back! Of course they want you to hold them and play all day but that is not reality...if you want things to get better you must let them cry, not to the point where they are breathless of course but start slow, let baby cry a little then come back then do something else, yes the crying is annoying but soon the baby will understand...good luck

Sian - posted on 05/06/2010




thank you for your msgs i am going to have to let her cry to try and snap her out of it im at the point where i am wishing time away so when she starts walking and talking i can tell her its ok i will be back or at least she can follow me i just want a bit of a life or at least to get the house work done ive never had to do this b4 my boys just got on with it


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Madara - posted on 05/06/2010




My daughter is almost 10 months now and she never leaves me! Even when we go out for any gathering I have to keep her with me because she would just cry if I leave her sight. No way she sleeps alone. She wants me to put her to sleep by rocking. What should I do?

Tara - posted on 05/06/2010




oh my god, My boy is 9 months and i have the same problem!! If he cant see me for a second all hell breaks loose!! It really does your head in!! My daughter was never like this!! I so know how you feel!! i really really hope it does pass cause at the moment i am not enjoying him and that hurts! Im not one for letting them cry it out, cause he is the same he works himself into a right state!! And its awful, you find yourself wondering if they are going to breath! I hope your little girl sorts herself out! I totally feel your pain and im sooooo over it!! Ever sinc he started teething he has turned from perfect baby to....well I dont know!!!

Veronica - posted on 05/05/2010




you just have to let her cry it out and like amberlee said comfort her to let her know its ok but you have to work through the crying or else you'll never break her from it but by now she knows she has you and knows that you're going to pick her up

Amberlee - posted on 05/04/2010




My son used to be this way, I just let him cry for a few at a time and told him You are ok and you will be ok for a minute.. Now with bed time it is all rutine, I take him upstairs feed him get his pjs on and lay him in bed, if he crys i let him for a few then i go calm him down and do it again, but we have to do it every night or he catches on to not having to be in his own bed

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