Son isn't eating table foods

Danielle - posted on 07/22/2010 ( 2 moms have responded )




My son turned 1 on the 13th and for the past 2 months or so, we've had problems with him eating. He's super picky and even when I tried baby food, the only food he would eat was sweet potatoes. Of course he'll eat the Gerber Stars and the Animal Crackers, but every other food is a complete fight. He refuses to taste anything and I have to trick him into tasting something for him to realize that it's actually good. I've tried leaving food out for him to try on his own terms, but he'd rather throw it around and play with it instead of eat it. When he gets hungry, he just wants milk. Any suggestions? Most children his age seem to eat anything! I've tried to make food seem really tasty by smiling and saying "SO YUMMY!" and making food seem enjoyable, but he doesn't buy it! Help!


Amy - posted on 07/24/2010




our daughter is the same way....she would eat pretty much any and all the baby foods, however, now that we are doing "real" food she would rather play with it or toss it on the floor. however, she has been coming around. we just put a little bit on her tray (not too much so she doens't get overwhelmed) and she seems to be taking to that....when she eats one piece i put another one on for her...i was finding too if there was too much on her plate that all she wanted to do was play with it

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maybe try only giving him food at food time in the highchair? not sure my little girl loves food


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