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why do health workers discourage moms from giving water to baibies below 6 months?


Iysha - posted on 11/27/2009




Too much water, even just little day by day can cause health issues including hyponatremia also known as "low salt" or "water intoxication." It is hard to determine what is too much for an infant since they are small in size and vary in weight. When infants get Hyponatremia, they can have seizures and can die...there are articles on it and there have been cases in the USA of infants having hyponatremia. I believe that is why most health care professionals discourage water given to infants...Most parents don't think they are doing harm because "our bodies are made of water" and " if water was bad, nobody would be drinking it," but they are taking a big risk. I personally will not give my daughter water until most of her nutrition comes from food and not formula...only then will she need it.

Reguardless of what people say, it is best to follow medical advice from health care professionals....they went to medical school, they know what's up...not random people.


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Gail - posted on 11/28/2009




Hi, i give my son cooled boiled water occasionally as he helps if he hasnt had a number 2 for a while but he usually would only have a max of 1ml. I wouldnt recomend it on a regular basis as may affect the amount of nutrients they require as they may feel full on the water.

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i don't know why,but i started givivng my son water when he was 2mnths old...maybe once a week(1 and half ounce) and i continue so until now. He gets it maybe 2 times a day and he loves it. I think babies get thirsty just like adults do,the milk is a drink,yes,but it is still milk...i don't see nothing wrong with it!!

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Malnurishment. My doctor said a little water is ok but too much dilute the food and may take too much room up in their stomach and because their digestive track isn't compleatly mature yet it can do harm there also. I've seen alot of suggestions for water and juice to help with hick-ups or even constipation but my doctor even discouraged juice or any other liquids besides breast milk and formula.

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Because it's not all that healthy. Newer science has shown that formula or breast milk alone has all a baby needs in terms of water intake. Once they start going on solids strong (generally around 6 months old), then you can up the liquid intake. When they are really young you can actually do harm by filling them up with too much water and not enough food.

At least that's how I understand it.

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