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My son is 11 months old and its time to wean him :( how do i make this easier on both of us?


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it is just time i would like to breastfeed longer but i am going to finish university in september and live in an adult only building and cant wean him there incase the gets cranky and screams :( for the summer i am staying with family and have help weaning him and he will start daycare in about a month and half and it will be a shock for him so i want to introudce one change at a time starting by weaning. Weaning him and leave him at daycare without me all at once would be too much and hard on him and me so as much as i dont want to it just seems like its time. My son is also very stubborn and refuses a bottle and im worried about him getting enough so i am doing as some of you said and trying to take away one feed at a time so he still gets enough while he is adjusting to the big change. Thank you all sooo much for your advice.

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i wouldn't say 11 months is way too soon to wean. Its a personal choice, and sometimes the choice is not the mom's to make. the first 6 months are the crucial most important time for breastfeeding..and up to a year is good. There is no harm in continuing after that, but again, that is your personal choice. Baby gets most of the healthy antibodies and stuff from our milk in the first 6 months. Breast milk is still best, I am not arguing that. I am going back to work in a week, and have no choice but to wean her a bit. I nurse her in the morning and at bedtime. I don't substitute solid foods for milk, as she still needs that as well. I have for the last month just given her two bottles in the day of formula until I can give her milk. She starts daycare on Monday and I have no choice. Pumping breastmilk is an option as well...if you have the time and patience. I have had a lot of difficulty with breastfeeding and pumping this whole time, so pumping is out of the question. I plan on continuing to give her my breast milk when she wakes up in the morning and right before bed. I'll be transitioning her onto milk a little while after her 1st birthday which is in July. Whatever you are choosing to do...drop one breast feed at a time, that seems to be easiest, with less engorgement, etc...

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i think substituting solids when they are supposed to nurse in the daytime helps a lot too. then you just have those late night feedings to worry about, unless you are blessed with a baby who sleeps through the night.

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From my experience, instead of either putting to the breast or bottle after awakening from one of two naps, I feed him solids instantly instead of BM.
So at that point, I have him suckling two less times a day until I reached twice a day. Once after the first nap and once before bed. Next step for me will be to take the before bedtime feeding away and feed a bigger dinner to fill his belly.
That has been VERY easy for the both of us.
Everyone IS different. Trial and error will be your best solution.
Good luck and best wishes to you both!!!

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