what type of bottles?

Kelly - posted on 01/28/2009 ( 2 moms have responded )




with ds#1 we used avent (they leaked), dr. browns (to big of a pain to wash), breastflow, and playtex drop-in because of his GERD we were trying to find anything that worked. We bought tons of avent bottles, and only one of each of the others, until his condition got out of control and we had to see specialists.

now with this baby, people keep bring up bpa free bottles. i dont know what bottles to get now. i would like to sell all our avent and the others we have and get new ones, but there are new bottles on the market since ds used them.

what bottles are you all using and why? i am afraid to use glass as when the child gets older, it will be harder for them to hold because they are so heavy and the thought of the child dropping the bottle and it breaking scares me more than bpa, which i think is another ploy to scare the crap out of parents.


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Jessica - posted on 02/01/2009




Glass bottles are making a huge comeback. I BF'ed my son so I did not use bottles but plan on doing formula for this one and am thinking of getting the evenflo glass bottles, they have a rubber outer casing so it's easy to grip and less chance of breakage.. If the bottles that you used with your son aren't BPA free I wouldn't sell them because of the chemical they have in it could be harmful. That is why they switched to BPA free in the first place. Try returning all your bottles to Babies R Us. Although when you do speak with a manager rather than anyone behind the counter.

Megan - posted on 01/28/2009




I used Born Free bottles from the time my son was 6 mo. old until we went cold turkey.  I don't know how old your bottles are, but I was able to exchange all of my other bottles for BPA-free ones at the Babies R' Us.  They don't advertise the exchange program, and I don't know when it ends, but it certainly helped with keeping down the cost of getting new bottles.  I now have a little stockpile of brand new bottles ready to go for July.

I know that many companies make the BPA-free now, including Dr. Brown's and I think Avent.  I honestly could not tell if my son preferred one type of bottle over the other, so I just went with what I wanted.  He also had reflux issues, so I just tried to burp him frequently and keep him inclined when I could.  We also adjusted his sleeping position but that was based on our Doctor's care and advice.

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