How do you deal with a bad case of separation anxiety?

Jessica A. - posted on 03/23/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




My almost 9 month lil girl would rather be with me than with anyone else, including her Dad, even if we are around others she is familiar with, like family members, she would rather have me hold her, she has been crawling since she was 5 months, she has been standing onto things since 6 months, so getting around is not a problem as you see but she would rather still be with me, how do you suggest I deal with this? I have a problem with this, because I can't tend to my household duties such as cooking, cleaning, simple things such as using the restroom, I have to make sure she is napping so that I can get the household chores done, so I can never get peace and quiet to myself because I have to hold her constantly or play with her, even ensuring I give my 3 year young son attention is a problem, she is teething so I am wondering if comforting her is also part of the problem and that's why the extra attention is needed at this point. Mommies please HELP! Thank you!


Renee - posted on 04/21/2012




This is pretty normal for 8 month old babies, my son does the same thing! I suggest putting her down in a safe place and letting her fuss for a little bit while she can see you. Mommy has things to do, and as long as she can't hurt herself she will be fine. It passes, she won't always be like that! She is just learning that if you go away she misses you, and she is afraid you won't come back. Soon she will see that Mommy comes back every time, and she will get past it. =] Good luck!

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