Does anyone else have anger issues. Im due in july and my boyfriend keeps saying im yelling and getting mad all the time. Any suggestions?


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Pregnancy causes a lot of ups and downs, most of which men and unpregnant/childless people don't understand. I blow up a lot, and easily. You have to take a time out sometimes, and catch your breath. I've gotten to the point that I ignore whatever or whomever is pissing me off, to avoid saying mean or hurtful things. Then, I'll come back to the situation. Just take deep breaths.

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Yes, I was really bad for the first 14 wks or so....Im not quite as bad now (at 18 wks) But I do bite my tongue alot. Also if something my husband is doing is annoying or pissing me off...I quietly go to bed so that I wont say something Ill regret. Then Ill try to relax and pray until I fall asleep. It tends to help me get over it and if it doesnt then I will talk to him when Im not fuming. I have had long talks and sometimes arguements with him about hormones that are crazy, not feeling well etc to explain why I get so irritable. Good luck

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I was the EXACT Same way with my son.

Everything made me mad, I had the absolute WORST temper. Ever. Even if I knew what I was mad about was stupid, I couldn't 'talk my self out' of my anger.

For example, I had bought a bar of Burt's Bees Body soap. $5 for ONE bar. Expensive, at least to me. IT helped Immensely with my body acne, so I decided to spend the money on it for the sake of my 'vanity'. Besides, I'm a HUGE fan of their products.

At that time, my fiance's younger brother was staying with us. Because my bar of soap moved to the bottom shelf, I knew he had used it on his little girl. I WAS FURIOUS. I could NOT get over that. I talked to him about it (Nicely) and asked him not to use it, since it was so expensive. He had no idea how much it cost, he just thought it was a bar of soap. No big deal, right? but even after I talked to him about it, I was still livid.

The only way I found to really 'relieve' my anger and rage issues was to write about it. Get a pen and a notebook, or a word processing program, and let the keyboard have it. Write about EVERYTHING that makes you mad, why it makes you mad. Yell and scream all you want. Go back, re-read it, and I'm sure you'll find more to rant about. Keep re-reading and writing until you have exhausted everything in your head. I had nights where that was my 'sleeping pill', because all the issues I had going on in my head were keeping me awake.

After I did that concerning the soap situation (Among many, many others), I felt a LOT better. Suddenly my issues and my anger were on the paper (word document) and not inside me anymore.

I recently went back and read some of my 'prego rants' and realized that I was pretty crazy for feeling the way I did about a lot of things....some of them not so much, but others were just....well I probably should have talked to a psychologist or something.

Pay attention to what you are saying, and what you are mad about. Before you start a 'fight' or verbally release your pent up emotion, figure out if it is legitimate or not (is your boyfriend not helping out with chores? valid. Are you mad because he didn't put the dishes away in the right spot? Trivial. Is he putting other things before you and your pregnancy? Valid. Does he leave his laundry lay on the floor? Trivial.) Think about what is going on in your head before you bring it up with him, Do your best to look at it from an outside perspective... "If I read this as a post on Circle of Moms, what would I think?"

I have to constantly monitor my thoughts so I don't fly off the handle and give into my 'pregnancy paranoia' (as I call mine...) because most of the time what I Think is the farthest I can likely get from the truth and reality.

(lately my fiancee has been falling asleep on the couch, I keep having this fleeting Idea that he was avoiding going to bed with me....not true, but that mean little thought still doesn't leave me alone...I just can't 'listen' to it...)

I would tell people all the time "I"m pregnant, therefore I am crazy right now." to warn them. It happens, because hormones are rampant during these 9 months.

Have a talk with him, come up with a phrase or something he can say to you as a signal that "we need to talk about this when you have had a chance to calm down" if he is feeling badgered. Tell him you're sorry if you are yelling more, you don't mean it but you can't help it and it's not your fault. Find a few articles online that explain the emotional rollercoaster women go through while they are pregnant to help him better understand what you are going through physically. Make sure you keep those lines of communication as open as you possibly can. (*that was a HUGE factor in why my daughter's dad and I split and broke off our engagement when I was 5 months pregnant*)

Good Luck!

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