Funny but a bit concerned.

Jackie - posted on 01/23/2012 ( 4 moms have responded )




My son, seems to have an aversion to babies, like newborn. I was holding my cousins newborn baby girl the other day and he stood about 4 feet away from me, he smiled but wouldn't come near me! And another cousins baby was there he was able to walk though, but still my son didn't know what to think. This should be interesting my sister is due anyday now, obviously we are due July 2012. I hope he figures this out! lol


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Jackie - posted on 06/12/2012




oh when his baby cousin arrived in January he was completely enamored with him always wants to hold him kiss him, its totally adorable! I can only hope he is that way he is with his brother. :) he is always kissing my belly and talking about the baby.

Whitney - posted on 06/12/2012




Kids are funny like that...they don't mind baby dolls, but moving babies kind of weird them out. He'll get over it :) Just don't force anything on him.

Denikka - posted on 01/24/2012




Most guys are totally freaked out by new babies XD They have this mindset of *I am big, this little thing is small, I'm gonna break it!!*

Dads get over it :P They just need time to adjust and get more comfortable. Moms have instincts that they can fall back on. Dads don't have that and get nervous :P It'll be fine :)

Kaitlin - posted on 01/24/2012




how old is he? It might just be that he has no experience with them. Buy him a baby doll. I did this with my first and have again with this this pregnancy. My first two were 13 months apart and these kids will be 3 under 3.

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