Has anyone else had a baby that is measuring too small?

Angela - posted on 06/12/2012 ( 4 moms have responded )




I just went to the hospital for my 36 week check-up, and with the tape measure I am measuring 34 cm instead of 36cm. I have had to book in an ultrasound to check bub's size, fluid, etc.
Has this ever happened to anyone else?
I am only a small build and i tend to carry my weight around my thighs and bottom, would this make a difference if I didn't have belly fat?
My first two pregnancies produced very good sized babies.


Rachel - posted on 06/21/2012




I am pregnant with my third and all of them measured small. I had tons of extra ultrasounds to check size and fluid and growth. With my first I was obviously pretty worried, but she was born perfectly healthy and happy! She was just on the smaller side at 6lbs 10oz. With my second I was less concerned, just told myself I have small babies and that's okay... but by the end of my pregnancy the Drs had me worried again because I measured even smaller then I had with my first between 3-4 weeks smaller at each app. So they scheduled an induction. Luckily she decided to come on her own a few days before that and was again perfectly healthy and happy just small weighing 6lbs 7 oz. This time around I haven't let the Drs freak me out, I measured 35 last week at my 37 week app and Im not worried. As long as your ultrasounds show everything is good try not to worry! :) Good luck!


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Angela - posted on 06/25/2012




I had an ultrasound, and everything was fine - bub measured ahead, and was estimated at being seven pounds eleven, so I'm happy with that. Thanks for the encouragement, I think we can get a little scared when we don't conform to the expected measurements, when there is nothing wrong, we are all just different!

Stephanie - posted on 06/23/2012




with my son he measured big but was 22.5 inches at birth and 7lbs. 13oz...but with this lil girl im carrying she is measuring 2 weeks further...is estimated to weigh 5lbs. 15oz..but her head is measuring at 34 weeks...and im 37 weeks...soo idk im a lil worried about her head and i dont see a doctor i see a midwife 1 time every 2 weeks and its a group thing...sooo idk if i should be worried or not..

Kellie - posted on 06/18/2012




I'm the opposite...I just had my 34 week appointment last week and measured 36cm. They did an ultrasound and apparently she's pretty big...approx. 5.8lbs which is the 91%. Excellent!

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