Is your baby hitting the milestones?

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My baby is 9 weeks old and doesn't appear to be hitting the majority of the miles stones. She is very alert and loves being held in the sling, but hates tummy time and doesn't really "play" with anything yet. Just curious if I should be worried. She also doesn't coo very often. I am a first time mom, so ALL of this is new to me.


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My son is 11 weeks old and I was worried about the same few weeks ago. He is preemie as well - 3 weeks. Babies have their own internal clock and do things in their time. My son never really liked tummy time - instead he loved being placed on his back. In order to exercise his neck I hold him close to my chest so he has to bend his neck backwards if he wants to see anything :) And he has very strong neck muscles now :) He only started playing with a play mat a week ago, it is more kicking and cooing than actual grabbing. He grabs our fingers though and blankets. Proper cooing he started about 2 weeks ago as well and about 1.5-1 week ago a lots of it but he has to be prompted into a "mood" then he doesn't stop for long. I wouldn't worry, she will start doing all of these one day, and it will seem it happened overnight (and usually it does!). Did you have your 9th week grow spurt yet? If not it will be soon and shortly after your girl will do amazing things, if not wait for another one - usually around 12th week.

Just have fun and try different positions with her - if she doesn't like tummy try on her back, side etc. Maybe it is a place? Try different rooms,or part of the day. My lil bubby loves sunshine and that is when he shows off the most :)

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