My nerves are starting to get to me.

Elisa - posted on 06/11/2012 ( 9 moms have responded )




I'm due next month and can go into labor at any minute... One day i'll be completely fine with the idea of delivering, and the next day i'll be freaking out about the same thing. Everyone tells me different stories about regular delivery and c-section. I keep debating on which one I should go for. I'm super afraid that i'm going to be in so much pain like the girls I see on television and i'm also afraid of the pain when I get the epidural. Is there anything I can do to calm myself down?!


Emalie - posted on 06/22/2012




What is probably most scary for you as it was for my first as well is going into the unknown. Is this really going to hurt as bad as everyone says? Am I really going to be able to do this? What I have found that is extremely helpful is to sit down and read a book on birth. It will let you know exactly whats going on with your body.
Just think of birth this way; The more intese contractions you are having the harder your body is working to give you the amazing life inside you right now. The pain doesnt last forever, and personally most women want to do this all over again with no questions asked.
Just one more thing I have to say is that if you go into your birth concentrating on the pain, your pain will control you. Go in to it knowing you can overcome the pain, and go with the flow of your body. You can do it! :) And if you do need the epidural, you dont see a thing with they are putting it in and frankly, you wont care at that point either lol.

Kimberly - posted on 06/21/2012




The pain of labor isn't as bad as everyone says--in my opinion. :). Look at it this way, if the pain is that bad, the needle of the epidural will look like a piece of cake to you, once you're in labor!! The women screaming on tv-I don't understand that. I had my daughter 100% natural b/c there was no time for drugs, and I couldn't speak, much less yell and scream! Take it from us-people you've never met (haha) you'll be fine! I'm due in ten days btw, and am not scared of all the pain again-so that says something!! :) Good luck!!

Jennifer - posted on 06/19/2012




It is a joy and you need to just enjoy being pregnant. I have 2 girls already and I am ready to have my 3rd in a month. This one has been very different and I do worry and am concerned because it has been a hard pregnancy but I try to enjoy the pregnancy because it is a blessing to be able to be pregnant and all will be fine in time.

Joanna - posted on 06/18/2012




Birthing is painful that's the truth but the epidural needle is like nothing after you've felt full on contractions. Keeping calm will help manage the pain. Have a plan. It doesn't matter what the plan is just as long as you have something. Other people's horror stories are theirs not yours. You are in an age of medical wonders. You are capable and strong. Fear is natural espec 1st time. Each contraction you have you have one less to have. Each minute labouring you are closer to holding your miricle. Metred breathing is helpful. People say using music, stamping and other techniques but for me it has to be a process that you can do in your head because your body wont neccessarily co-operate. Your strongest tool is your mind. You are allowed to ask for drugs when and if you need. You are in control. You will be okay.

Shauna - posted on 06/15/2012




To calm yourself down, imagine holding that sweet little baby! It will likely go very well.


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Kellie - posted on 06/13/2012




Elisa, honestly you will not worry one bit about the epidural and needle at the couldn't ask for it sooner. It's the greatest relief! Childbirth is obviously painful but we all make it through and in the grand scheme of things, it's usually just 1 day in our life of many with our little ones. I won't tell you to relax but please don't worry so much. You'll be fine and so be ready to see your little one.

Elisa - posted on 06/12/2012




I honestly think the only reason that I am scared about actually going into labor is dealing with all the needles and especially the epidural. I'm not use to all of this and it just frightens me knowing that something that big will be coming out from down there. I try to see the good in it especially seeing my baby boy for the first time, but it's so hard not to panic. I have some birthing classes coming up and I pray that those help me out at least a little bit. At this point I just want him out already so I can actually breathe normally again! Ha.

Whitney - posted on 06/12/2012




An elective c-section? I wouldn't suggest that. I had a c-section with my first due to fetal distress (and no progress for several hours) and they're not fun to heal from. I plan on having another this time around, but only because I've gone thru one before. If you can avoid it, I would. It's major surgery. My suggestions as far as nerves are to take the stories you hear with a grain of salt...if you listen to EVERYTHING that EVERYONE tells you, you're going to lose your mind. Especially now, with a month left! I assume this is your first, and I know it's a crazy feeling. But if you just give in to your body, you'll be fine. Women were built to do this, whether it's natural, c-section, or can do it. But make sure you do it YOUR way, and not based on what you hear, are told, or see. If you don't make it your own, you'll regret it. Have a plan, but keep an open mind as well. I wanted an unmedicated natural birth with my daughter, but I got that epidural as soon as I could and ended up with a c-section. Good luck, and BREATHE! :)

Louise - posted on 06/12/2012




Every expecting mum is the same, just ask yourself why do women go on to have more children if the pain was so bad? Look you need to clear your mind and just go with the flow. There are lots of pain meds out there and if one does not suit you another will. I am not going to lie it can be painful until the meds kick in but hey you are having a baby and every pain brings your baby closer.

I have had two natural 10lb babies and a c section 9lb 3oz baby. I can tell you if I had the option I would have a natural birth every time. Not only do you have a new born to cope with but a stomach full of stitches too. It is far more comfortable to have a virginal birth, yes the under carriage gets brusied but that is managable. I could not stand for 5 days after a c section.

Just listen to your midwife and take there advice, you may be one of the lucky ones and have a supper fast delivery! See how things go and you may be surprised that you can actually handle things better than you thought.

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