ok so this is my 2nd baby, i have 1 daughter born nov 09, and i am wondering how's the best way to prepair her for the new arivle?


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Kami - posted on 05/10/2012




I have an almost 4 yr old and am due in july with another girl. We sat down and discussed that mommy is growing a baby in her tummy and its going to make mommy's tummy bigger. We also talk about that the baby might take up more of mommy's (and daddy's) time but it doesn't mean we are ignoring her, we will actually need her help more than ever! (shes at the stage where she wants to help with everything) she now comes up on her own and hugs and kisses my belly, she talks to baby while we sit and snuggle and looks for her to move (shes rarely disappointed! When doesn't this baby move!)she has helped me set up the nursery, and helped me put the clothes away. I think shes as excited about this as we are lol. I think the key is we discuss baby almost every other day so she gets used to hearing about baby. she practices rocking (in a swing) and 'feeding' her dolls and we remind her she will need to be gentle. she seems pretty well adjusted to the idea. I hope this helps!

Sonsah - posted on 05/09/2012




My daughter is about a year older than yours and we are expecting a baby boy in July. To prepare my daughter I have involved her as much as possible already by talking about the baby and the changes that the baby will bring. We talk about how she is going to help and I bought some toys that she will give baby brother as a gift when he is born. We bought a book on being a big sister and it talks about how to be a good big sister and how to play with the baby and what will happen when the baby comes.She is very excited to meet her baby brother now so she can give him the safe toys to play with and teach him how to use them, and she wants to feed him and hug him, etc. Basically she knows that this isn't going to be mommy and daddy's baby, but rather it's "our" baby, her included.

Sally - posted on 05/07/2012




I'm having another girl this July, the first one was born August of '09.
I got a couple of books that I read to her occasionally, and we talk about the baby pretty frequently. I ask her if she's going to help me, and she talks about rocking the baby.
I don't think she'll really understand until after the baby is here, but I think letting her know what's coming is all you really can do. Don't forget to give her as much attention as you can once baby comes, and try to get your older one involved and helping! That's my plan!

Rene' - posted on 05/06/2012




I think the best thing you could do is just talk to her as much as possible. Also, ask her how she would like to help with the baby. She may not really understand until you have the baby as to what is going on and that is okay. Just show her love and show her how to love the new baby.

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