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Mel - posted on 12/09/2011 ( 4 moms have responded )




Hi Everyone

I know its early days but we decided to tell our families and close friends our news with the intent of telling others at 12weeks. Keep those who have been so supportive in the loop.

I was out shopping last night and was confronted by a congratulations from someone i hadnt told...they were informed by my sister in-law. It was really disapointing to have them find out that way and have now been put into an awkward position.

Just wanted to vent a bit and see if its happened to anyone else =P


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Julie - posted on 01/18/2012




My mom did it to me at work! We work for the same company, at different branches, but have a lot of the same contacts. I was going to keep it quiet at work for a couple months, because there's a lot of stuff going on and I want to work in a discussion about working from home when the baby comes, and my mom knew that, but then started telling a bunch of people at work! As soon as the first person congratulated me, I hurried to tell my manager before she heard it from some one else.

Bethany - posted on 12/09/2011




I know that once it's out of my mouth, it's public, no matter who I tell. I don't know anyone who can keep a secret (I can, I'm very proud of my secret keeping ability) So I kind of expect to hear it back from other people, and it's not like it's bad news or anything, so, I'm just kind of resigned to it.

What makes me feel bad is if someone close hears second hand, as I can't be everywhere at once, and they might feel like they're not special, having not heard earlier, but hey, I can't be responsible for other people's reactions, that's up to them.

Aniesha - posted on 12/09/2011




I totally understand where you're coming from. When we told family, we told them to keep it quiet (no facebook etc) until we gave them the all clear and had told all the ppl that we wanted to tell personally. Thankfully, everyone respected our wishes, but I would've been very upset had they not.

Mel - posted on 12/09/2011




maybe its pregnancy hormones making this seem worse than it is but i was so disapointed tha someone was spreading our news when i wasnt ready for every to know

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