pregnancy symptoms and cravings this time around

Kayla - posted on 12/05/2011 ( 11 moms have responded )




So i am 9 weeks pregnant for the 2nd time. My first was born july 28th 2009 and i am due july 9th 2012.

With my son i had two days of morning sickness then nothing. I craved licorice, french fries and apples. I gained 60lbs. his heartbeat was 155 beats a min.

This pregnancy i had morning sickness even before i knew i was pregnant. I didnt know it at the time, i just thought i was getting the flu. Then i missed my period and got a bfp. Yay! I have had severe morning sickness or all day sickness. I couldnt hold anything down. My midwife put me on three different nausea meds. It has helped. I got an ultrasound at 8 weeks. They said the baby was a bit on the small side. Measuring 7 weeks 4 days. heartbeat 164 beats a min. I am craving sweets! oh and vegetables. Not craving meat at all. Cant stand the smell or taste.

So what do you think this time around? We are hoping for a girl. So this is a way to get everyones symptoms and when the time comes to find out what the sex of the baby is, it would be cool to find out what symptoms led to the sex of their baby.


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Julie - posted on 01/18/2012




I've never had bad morning sickness with any of my pregnancies; nausea but never actually throwing up. This is my third pregnancy, and the nausea seems to get progressively worse, but I think that's more related to being more tired from chasing more kids!

With my first (boy) I craved strawberry lemonade. With my second (girl) it was Wetzel's Pretzels with cheese dip. With this one, I have been wanting steak! Works out well since my doctor wants me to be sure to eat enough protein (I developed preeclampsia last pregnancy, and although there's no known cause, he said that eating enough protein might be helpful).

Michelle - posted on 01/14/2012




My morning sickness stopped for the most part by 10 weeks but I still have days where baby doesn't like something. Tonight there was one thing I actually wanted, pepporchinis. I cannot do spicy at all so that is a change for me from all the sweet stuff I have been wanting.

Angela - posted on 01/12/2012




My morning sickness stopped at 10 weeks. I have been craving pickles, but when i actually eat them, i almost spit them out in disgust.

My problem is I can't seem to make it through the night without needing to go to the toilet. I hate the broken sleep, can't believe it's happening this early.

Michelle - posted on 12/21/2011




Anyone else not able to drink water? The few times I have tried it comes right back out. I can drink anything else but so far and it is weird!

Jackie - posted on 12/14/2011




I have had no actual makes me a little nervous too, I have ran to the bathroom and actually felt it in my throat (sorry tmi) but talked myself out of it! Dont ask me how. Ive been feeling really tired and taking naps but i dont know if its the being preggers or my 20 month old that refuses to sleep! No wierd cravings! I had little morning sickness first 3 times like probly threw up less than 5 times. So this is a little wierd for me. Just hope everything is ok.

Kayla - posted on 12/13/2011




I got an ultrasound a week later and baby is still small so they bumped my due date to July 12th. Babies heart rate was 174 beats a min. So 100 more beats then last time.

Mel - posted on 12/08/2011




Ive had no morning sickness and im 7wks. It can be unnerving not feelibg ill but im grateful in other ways as it lets me work without drawing att to myself. Im still extremely tired and no amount of sleep is refreshing. Im so excited and happy which is a wonderful side effect!!

Shauna - posted on 12/08/2011




Wow, almost exactly two years apart!

I gained 50 pounds last time, and my goal this time is to not gain that much. lol I don't want to pass the 200 lb mark again. I had morning sickness starting a lot earlier this time around, but I started Zofran earlier too, so no throwing up even though there's nausea and queasiness. Because my symptoms started earlier, I wonder if it's a girl, (I have a one year old boy) or if my body was just extra gung-ho about the hormones this time.

One thing irritating me is the pills. Now is the time you feel sick taking pills, but you have to take more (Zantac for heartburn/stomach acid, stool softener, prenatal). I also hate brushing my teeth, even though I still do twice a day, because it can lead to serious gagging. But it'll totally be worth it! I just have to look at my little boy to remember!

In a way it's harder this time with diapers to change and feeding my little guy (sometimes gagging from the smell) but also easier (with a cute distraction).

Michelle - posted on 12/06/2011




With my son I only had morning sickness if I did not eat as soon as I woke up. Craved anything sour, boysenberry, pumpkin pie and crunchwraps from tacobell. So far I want sweets and have had morning sickness for the past 2 weeks and nausea wince before I got my BFP. I hope it is a girl this time around since we already have our boy.

Kellie - posted on 12/05/2011




I was ridiculously sick with my first (a boy) and ridiculously sick with this one! I don't know how much more I can handle and I"m only 7 weeks! :(

Bethany - posted on 12/05/2011




well, I had a girl last time, she'll be 3.5 when this one comes. I was sick before I even tested, from about 4.5 weeks, and threw up or was feeling sick every day until about 15 weeks. Then by the end (of 42 weeks) I was huge all over, from my sternum to my pubic bone, all belly. I gained 13 kgs/29lbs. oh, and alot of water retention in my whole body.

This time, I'm nearly 7 weeks, and so far no sickness at all, just a bit tired in the afternoon/evening, going to bed as soon as Charlotte goes to bed, and napping after lunch when she does. I'll keep you posted with the morning sickess...

Eating an unnatural amount of nachos with avocado and sour cream.

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