What is everyone's 6mo daily routine?

Sheila - posted on 01/11/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




Wake times, solids, formula, bf, naps how many and how long, and how long are they awake between naps, bedtime, etc??


Laura - posted on 01/13/2013




The times are not strict, it's just a general run-down of the day.

7:30 (ish) - Wake up, BF
8:00 - Independant play while I eat and/or tidy up (She's in her highchair with toys next to me while I eat, so we 'talk' then)
8:30 - Baby Breakfast (Cereal, Fruit)
9:00 - Play time together
10:00 (ish) - Nap...usually an hour (I shower, then lay down until she wakes up)
11:15 (ish) - Wake up, BF
11:45 - Baby Lunch (Cereal, Fruit, Veg)
12:15 - Independant play while I eat and/or tidy up (In high chair...same as before)
12:30 - Run Errands / Play time together
2:30 - Nap...usually 30 mins (I do some cleaning)
3:00 - Wake up, BF
3:30 - Baby Early Dinner (Fruit, Veg, Protein (strained meat jar food))
4:00 - Play time
5:30 - Nap...usually 20-30 mins (Big people dinner time...luckily hubby does all the cooking!!)
6:15 (ish) - Baby Later dinner (Cereal)
6:45 - Bath
7:00 - Story
7:15 - BF
7:30 - Lights out, "Good Night Fishies" (we have an aquarium in her room, which acts as night light, provides a little humidity, and a bit of white noise)
7:45 - She usually falls asleep by that time, watching the fish tank.
8:00 - I do chores 'til about 9:30 or 10, watch my PVR'd shows, then bed.
We're lucky in that she'll usually sleep right through to the morning. Rarely she'll wake up around midnight.

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