My son keeps running away

Staci - posted on 05/30/2010 ( 2 moms have responded )




Help! My son, almost 4, has started running away from home. He just takes off from our apartment and heads in any direction. We live near a busy street, and a freeway a block away. He's also been known to take off and disappear in stores. We get so frantic trying to find him. He knows better, and seems to be a bit defiant. Any suggestions on how to stop him from running away? We try to tell him how dangerous it can be. But he doesn't seem to care.


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Natasia - posted on 06/15/2010




Do you have a latch on your door to stop him from getting out? The latch should be placed high enough for you to reach but for him not to even with help. If not then he's probably going to keep doing it.

Winnie - posted on 05/31/2010




I had this problem in the past also. If he doesn't listen you can put him in long time outs, take privilages away (outings, toys, treats), I also bribe my son...when we go into a store i say "if you listen and don't run away, we can get an awesome treat afterwards" it works for me :D

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