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My son throws a fit and will scream at me if he doesnt get his way. I dont know what to do. I pop his rear but it makes it worse.


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Jane - posted on 12/09/2009




time out. he's got to learn that he can't get his way, that's not how the world works. i use our stairway as the timeout place. i let her know why she has to sit and then come back in a few minutes and explain to her. she has to say she's sorry before she can get up. the first few times are annoying, but stick with it and he will get it. you should see his behavior improve. when she acts up, i calmly tell her (as challenging as it is to be calm) that if she can't behave, she needs to go sit on the step until she can. she either sits herself or she stops.

good luck, stick with it because he needs to learn how to behave in school, at play, someday at work. lay the ground work now.

Taryn - posted on 12/08/2009




I think it depends a lot on the child - when I gave my eldest (Anneka) time-out, I'd come in to the room to find her playing quite happily with her fingers and toes, but Karli (2.5) hates the thought of time out, and spends the whole time crying loudly at the door. So I ended up smacking Anneka (no point in time-out if they enjoy it!), and I've a kitchen timer on Karli's door which I sent for 2 minutes. I think it helps that she has a definate end of time- the ringing.

Shannon - posted on 11/30/2009




Time out chairs always work when he is bad place him in the chair and go by time by there age example 2, 2 mints if he removes himself from the chair place him back and dont let up show him he is not in control of the situation you are so with out saying anything but no you are in time out because your attitude is uneceptable once the time is up get him to appoligize to you by saying sorry and tell him again why he was placed in the chair. Get a reward chart a simple good behavior chart with stickers every time he handles a situation with out lashing out let him put a sticker on the chart and when he lashes out tell him he wont be able to get a sticker after ever 10 or so stuckers get him a dollar store toy and remind him that since has been such a big boy he gets a reward. It also teaches them wrong for right you do the right then you get rewarded for it. Do the wrong thing and decipline is in place. Hope this helps

Mommyof4 - posted on 11/29/2009




This is absolutly normal for 2 yr old, my daughter throws herself on the floor,screams, throws stuff, I tried spanking and it just made her voilent and start to hit, then we'd spank her again for hitting us lol so we dont bother spanking anymore, we ask her what shes so upset about, if she hasnt had her afternoon nap then we lay her down usually thats what it is, otherwise we put her in timeout for 2mins,her bedroom doorknob has the knob lock on it so she doesnt even bother trying to get out, then when 2 mins are up and shes calm, we let her out...timeout works much better for us than any form of disapline

June - posted on 11/27/2009




I find that sometimes popping their behind only makes the situation worse. I give a stern word, and then ignore their tantrums. If the behaviour persists, then I pop her behind AND put her on time-out!

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