how can i get my son dry at night?


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Opal - posted on 10/06/2011




Hey Leanna..I am in the process of trying to get my daughter to be completely potty trained at night too! SHe is completely trained for during the day and she is even in school but its at night that we have the issues and she is always wet in the morning! I have been doing the same thing with her that I did with my twins, which are the oldest and my almost 8 year old. After 7pm, depending on what your bed time is for him, but we stop giving her things to drink after 7om. She can have all she wants to drink during the day and in the afternoon and at supper time but after 7 nothing, all 4 of my girls go to bed at 8 and she seems to do ok with this routine unless I slip up because she begs for me to give her something, cuz then I feel bad if I have to tell her repeatly no she cant have something! Keep your chin up ! You will get there eventually! hopefuly sooner then later!

Sina - posted on 08/13/2011




I have been having the same trouble. Night time toilet training is definately harder.
We have done the lollipop and sticker charts for rewards on dry mornings. They both worked for a while, but now we get him to take his sheets off his bed the next day if he gets them wet and put them in the washing machine to show how much trouble it can be for us. But huge amount of praise and rewards if he is dry.
We take him to the toilet before we settle down to go to sleep at night, and when my husband and I get up in the morning (around 6am) we get him to go the toilet and then can go back to bed.
We are still using training pants at night and if he has a good run for a week then he just has undies and pjs.

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