I'm a fist time mom and my son is starting pre k- 4 in August..

Tiffany - posted on 07/26/2011 ( 2 moms have responded )




I have the blues about putting my baby in school this will be a new environment and a new after school care situation. He is going to be riding the bus and everything all by himself. This will be the first time he has every ridden any where without his father and i present with him. How can i cope with these feelings? I'm trying to be brave for him so that he won't pick up on my vibes but the closer it gets the scarier it has become.


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Shauna - posted on 09/05/2011




My daughter just started Pre-K and loves it!!! She is so excited about it and has learned so much. I was a little sad at first too but it's good for her.

Christy - posted on 07/30/2011




Is not riding the bus to school an option? My son will be in PreK 4 in the fall as well and I still don't want him riding the bus.

If this isn't an option, don't fret. This will prepare him for school once he starts Kindergarten, and I bet he will love it! My son was in Pre K 3 last year and has been asking me EVERY DAY when is he going back to school again???? :)

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