is it ok to give my baby what she wants???


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Samantha - posted on 12/27/2009




It depends on the times you just give into your child. When you child wants something and then gets upset because they can't get it then it's bad to just turn and give them what they wanted. It teaches them that they can work you over with fake tears. It's hard to say no to my daughter since she's an only child but sometimes a child just needs to hear the words "no, you can't have that" and let them fuss about it or trying to teach them that no matter how much they fuss they still won't get what they want. Children need to learn disappointment in a constructive way (at least in my opinion) while they are still young so they don't expect to have anything and everything when they want it.

I hope this helps someone. I learned this from a parenting class I took a while back.

Dana - posted on 11/04/2009




depends on what the child wants. giving into everything can lead to a child no one wants to be around and put a hurting on your wallet. its hard to say no to my son at times,but i have to for his own good.he gets over it pretty quick too.

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