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Amber - posted on 10/20/2008 ( 5 moms have responded )




hi my name is amber and i am 26 years old. i have an almost 10 year old and a 16 month old. (both girls). my 16 month old still needs to be rocked to sleep--i know everyone says not to, but she sleeps like 13 hours a night. also when we tried crying it out, she was so terrified she worked herself into a 3 hour frenzy and still didn't fall asleep. i personally think it's ok to continue to rock her as long as she is sleeping all night. what do you think? and if you disagree, any suggestions?


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Amber - posted on 11/14/2008




thank you all! glad to hear other mom's are doing the same thing and that i'm not a failure in the sleep department!

Lindy - posted on 11/01/2008




We still rock our 16 month old and I have been struggling with the same thing. You don't hear about anyone who rocks there child to sleep. Ours sleeps through the night so I just had to come to terms with the fact that this was the way I wanted to do it. Someday we'll have to stop, but for right now they are only a baby once. Just keep rocking. Glad to hear of others who do the same thing.

Karen - posted on 11/01/2008




We still rock our 16 month old and I struggled with it because of what "everyone" says. She does wake sometimes but mostly sleeps through the night. We did a combo of letting her cry and rocking and it worked for us. If it "aint" broke don't fix it. If she is sleeping through the night she's getting what she needs and thankfully you're getting what you need too! I Rock away!

Danielle - posted on 10/29/2008




hey if it works for you! giver!

my 16 month old girl wont stay in my arms long enough for me to let her rock her:S

and she doesnt sleep anywhere near 13 hours a night.... 8-9 max. ugh.

like everyone says... she's only a baby once! rock your little heard out lady!

Rebecca - posted on 10/21/2008




As long as you both enjoy it, why not? Just realize that one day you're going to want her to fall asleep on her own, say, when she's left with the babysitter. Also, when that day comes, you might want to wean her instead of just dropping her in her crib to cry it out. I was always told to comfort baby until they're almost asleep, then put them in their crib. Do you know what I mean? Anyway, just some thoughts :)

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