Bottle or no bottle- that is the question

Ellen - posted on 10/09/2009 ( 4 moms have responded )




My little girl is currently having 2 6oz bottles of milk per day- one in the morning and one in the evening I was planning on cutting them out when she turned one but as we were going on holidays in september I decided to delay it as the milk you get abroad is so different and I didnt want her getting ill.

Any tips on how to stop bottles? i.e. which one should I cut first

I have tried her on cows milk and she wont drink it- I had problems with cows milk when I was younger and cant drink much now because its too thick. I am going to try semi-skimmed.


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Thankfully we have not had to deal with this situation. We were advised by the pediatrician to wean early so both of our children have had no bottles and were drinking strictly from sippy cups since their 9 month birthdays. I have been told by friends that if you cut a hole in the nipple that the child will give it up on their own. As a matter of fact when I was a baby I kept biting holes in my nipples and my mother decided one day not to buy any new ones and she said I gave it up shortly after that. Now as far as transitioning to whole milk my daughter would not drink it either. I did what some of the others have said and mixed it with formula until she was drinking only milk. I hope this is helpful. Good Luck.

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i started mixing my daughters bottles when she was ten months...i would do 6oz formula 2 oz milk...then 4 and 4 then 2oz formula and 6 oz milk...i had her off the bottle and formula the day she turned a year

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no expert here .. but my four year old son is still having milk in the morning & a small amount before bed .. he LOVES it chance of cutting them out ..ha! ... my 15 mth old daughter is on 200ml cows milk morning & bed time too ... she was on formula & i weaned here gradually onto cows milk ... cut out 50ml & reduce a spoon of fomula & fill remaining amount with cows milk .. keep reducing another 50ml every couple days until its all cows milk .. the health nurse gave me this advise & it worked a treat - as with my 4yo i went from breastfeeding - so had no idea how to change from formula to cows milk. Dont think there is any rule about having to cut it out if you dont really need to extra calcium is always good for them & my kids love the comfort of a milk in the morning & before bed ... although we go thru a lot of milk, its crazy !

hope that helps , good luck x

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I know every kid is differrent, but I'll share what worked for us. The evening bottle is the last bottle that we continued after 1 year, and phased that out slowly. My son was on formula and also didn't like the taste of milk. I tried warming it up a bit to get rid of the chill and make it more the temperature of formula, but that didn't work so I mixed formula and milk for a few days, and then decreased the amount of formula until he was totally on 100% milk.

Good luck!

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