Daily activities for a 7 month old

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Hi everybody! I was just wondering what everyone does on a daily basis with their wee ones? I am always wondering what a good routine is for a 7 month old - and am I doing enough or too much with him etc?! I let him play on his own with toys or I play with him, i read to him, let him go in his doorway bouncer or go for a walk in the pushchair. All this is between the 3 naps he has a day.


Anne - posted on 01/23/2009




Very similar Tammy. When he first gets up after his bottle he normally has play time on the floor with toys either on his own or with me.
When he's next up, we normally go outside and have a swing (one of those bucket seat swings that we have hanging from our carport). Back inside for more floor play. Sam is now crawling and so just loves exploring everywhere (everywhere you don't want!!) We also have one of those big toy cars that he sits in and plays in for awhile (10 minutes or so). I might put him in his rocker and move it in the kitchen for a little bit while I do the dishes.
We generally go for a walk once a day but that is normally when he's about to go to sleep rather than awake/play time.
Late in the day normally a couple of books.
He's happy to entertain himself a lot of the time though. I can have a floor full of toys but he'll end up playing with my shoelaces or something else just as mundane! LOL
Generally still have 3 naps too, although the one late in the day (around 5:00) he'll probably drop soon.


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my son will be 7 mths on monday. We have a pretty set schedule when we are home...and of course if we are out, nothing is 'normal' :) - My son wakes up at 8am, our day consists of playtime with me, "floor" playtime alone, time in his bumbo, time in his swing (usually watching a baby einstein so I can shower), then Naptime (he takes one long nap; usually from 12:30 - 3pm.) - Outside time -walking, etc...then dinner time, Bath time, reading time, bed time (usually by 8-830pm).

Mallory - posted on 01/22/2009




my son is 7 months old and I do some of the same things you do. he loves he's jumper. he can sort of sit up on his own but he falls over sometimes, so he is no where near pulling himself up yet. he wakes up at about 8am and then takes a nap around 10:30 or 11 and wakes up around 1 then he takes another nap around 4:30-6/6:30. then i usually put him to bed around 9ish

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