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feeding/eating schedules?

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My daughter will be eight months on the 26th and is still doing a bottle when she wakes up, 2 tablespoons rice cereal and half a veggie/fruit alternating and a bottle three hours later, then another bottle three hours later and finally another 2 tablespoons rice cereal, the other half of her veggie/fruit and a bottle three hours later. She then is in bed by six p.m. every night and won't get up until 7 or 8 am the next day. Sometimes between feedings we'll give her Cheerios or toast for a snack but she's not really interested. She's not into juice from her sippy cup either. I'm guesstimating my daughter is about 19-20 pounds by now. What are other moms doing for feeding/eating schedules and such?


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Gemma - posted on 03/03/2009




I'm finding it quite hard to make sure my son gets all his milk allowance and some solids twice a day. Timing is the essence here. If he has one meal to late he wont want his next etc.
I also give him around 3 oz of water or diluted apple juice per day and water through the night if he gets thirsty.

Between 6-7am 6oz milk

He might go back to sleep for an hr if I'm lucky!

8-9.30am second breakfast- Normally homemade fruit puree and some type of baby cereal

Nap (max 2hrs)

12-1pm 6oz bottle

(May squeeze a snack in here somewhere like a fromage frais, rice cakes, baby maize snacks, toast or other finger food etc)

Nap (max 2hrs)

4-5pm 3 cubes of homemade dinner


6.30-7pm 6oz milk

7-7.30 Bed Normally sleeps through, except maybe waking for a sip of water then goes back)

Ambar - posted on 03/02/2009




Johanna's feeding changes almost everyday, I just do what suits her best (attachment parenting), but mostly it is as follows:

6 am breastmilk

8 am oatmeal and fruit

9 am breastmilk (nap time)

12 am left over breakfast if any... breastmilk (nap time)

4 pm breastmilk (nap time)

7pm potatoes and veggies (and now sometimes meat)

9 pm breastmilk (bed time)

2 am berastmilk (sometimes will sleep trough the night so we skip this one)

Christine - posted on 03/01/2009




well, my little man's schedule is the following:
6:30 am - breastfeed
8:00 am - cereal( 1 1/2 tbls & 1/2 fruit (stage2))
after nap (~ 9:30) - 6 oz of formula
noon - 1 whole container of a veggie & 6 oz of formula
3:30 pm - 6 oz of formula
6:30 pm - 6 oz of formula & 1/2 a meat or veggie & 1/2 a fruit

Lara - posted on 02/28/2009




My little man gets up at 6:00 and has a 7 oz bottle then around 9:00 he has some rice cereal with fruit and maybe 4 ounces. After that he takes a nap...Then we have luch around 11:30 and he has a 4 oz bottle after that and goes down for a nap around 1:00. He has a 7 oz bottle after his nap and then we play and he has another 7 oz bottle at 4:30 or 5:00.  He has supper around 6:30-7:00 and then bath another 7 oz bottle after that and then bed. He is not a big juice drinker either but I try to give him a little every other day or so because he gets a little constipated some times.  Also he loves his puffs

Julia - posted on 02/27/2009




7-730am breastfeed or 5-6oz bottle

8am fruit (usually 1/2-1 banana) or 4oz container baby yogurt or unsweetened applesauce

930ish nap

1100am lunch (2oz cereal, 1/2-1 jar babyfood) and some finger foods (cheerios, whole wheat toast with babyfood veggies spread on top, cheese chunks, egg yolks, fruit) and juice/water

12pm breastfeed (just to make sure she got enough to eat before nap)

1pm nap

230pm breastfeed and snack (dried fruit, applesauce, puffs...if husband has her, he'll give 5oz breastmilk)

430pm nap

500pm dinner (either 2oz cereal/babyfood or breastmilk in sippy cup and chicken chunks, peas, cheese, veggie babyfood)

800pm bottle of breastmilk or breastfeed (may only take 1oz or up to 5oz)

She sleeps through the night...11 hours. My daughter is very long and not fat at all. Dr says we're doing good. She has been refusing some babyfood, so we're experimenting with more finger foods. I will make the meats, but usually buy everything else. She takes a sippy cup well. I hope this helps.

Carolyn - posted on 02/26/2009




on waking I breastfeed the 45 min later cereal probly 5 tablespoon and yogurt.

At 11;30 I give a jar of veggies and a breastfeed

At 3 snack fruit

dinner meat and veggies about half jar each then breastfeed

breastfeed before bed

my son is 22lbs and eight and a half months

hope that helps


Cassaundra - posted on 02/24/2009




Because I breastfeed, co-sleep, and am an attachment parent I have no schedule of any kind. That's the great thing about nursing, if you feed on demand you know that your child will always get the perfect amont, never too much, never too little. She wakes at least once a night, but since she's in bed with me, it's no hardship to settle her on to nurse and go right back to sleep. She takes a bit of rice cereal now and then and has tried some vegetables, but I'm taking it slow and easy introducing solid foods because I want to avoid allergies at all costs. Since she's the youngest of four and I'm a single Mom I'm especially glad that I do things this way, it really is the best for all of us.

[deleted account]

My daughter is 8 months today. Her schedule is as follows:

5am 8oz bottle

7am breakfast (2Tbs cereal w/ 1/2 jar fruir)

9am nap for 2 hrs

11am 1 jar food

1pm 8oz bottle

2pm nap for 1-2 hrs

5pm 1 jar food

9pm 8oz bottle

She is a very happy baby and now that we have found the right formula she sleeps through the night.

Antonija - posted on 02/23/2009




I forgot :): he iz 8,5 mounts old and weights 10 kg, so he's ok for his age

Antonija - posted on 02/23/2009




we dont't feed him on time...he wakes up he eats and after that he eats about every 3 hours..the first meal in the morning iz 180ml milk and the next milk he gets is at 8pm when he goes to bed...he wakes up once in the night or not..then he gets another 120ml milk and goes to sleep again...During the day he eats almoust everuthing we eat, and he loves cereals of all kind mixed with peach or apple...

[deleted account]

Thanks ladies! I was just worried I wasn't feeding her enough or not doing it right.. First time mommy insecurities!

Alys - posted on 02/22/2009




my daughter had problems keepin her food down when she was younger so she is only on 4oz bottles. but her schedual goes as follows:

7:30-8 - Wakes up and plays for a bit, has a 4oz bottle and fruit (usually the whole container!)

9:30-10 - 4oz then nap

11:30-12 - 4oz bottle and lunch (i make my own baby food from leftovers so she has the equivilent to a baby food container full -- depending on the day or her mood, she'll only have half a container)

--depending on the day she has a second nap so she will have another 4oz bottle at nap time around 3ish--

5:30 - 4oz bottle and another half to full container of home made baby food.

7:30 - 4oz bottle

7:45-8 bed

Rebecca - posted on 02/21/2009




7oz Bottle upon waking

fruit and 4oz bottle after morning nap

6-7oz bottle

lunch after nap

7oz bottle after nap



6-7 oz bottle


our little one sleeps for 11.5-12 hours every night and since he has finally got over his cold he is eating so much better.  I also make all his foods, breakfast, lunch and dinner, and he never did have rice cereal and is not a juice boy, he loves water and in a small glass, he will not take it out of a sippy at all.  I hope this is helpful.

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