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I have a 7 and a half month old boy called mekhi, and well i started giving him rusks last week but wondering when i should give him things and what things he can feed himself with like toast, i want to avoid sugar well high sugars anyway, any ideas he has his bottom front teeth!!


Heather - posted on 02/11/2009




Hello, Kat!
I was just reading your post and I thought to ask you, my son is almost 8 months on the 19th this month and I am the same way! When i was pregnant I craved NOTHING BUT SWEET stuff. Cereal, cookies, apple pie, you would have thought I would explode if i ate one more chocolate cake!! Well i worried continuously if he would get diabetes. I just couldn't help myself. Then when he came out he wanted all the sweeter baby foods. I also breast fed him for a while but stopped producing enough so we had to bottle feed him. WELL ANYWAY! I've got some tips for ya!
Since he has teeth you can try different Graduates foods if you'd like they are like 4 grams of sugar.The bitter biscuits but i've noticed unless you keep your eye on them they will break into larger pieces and cause them to get stuck.
I especially like Baby Mum-Mums I thought they were a weird brand and ignored it but they were recommended by a friend and My son LOVES THEM. They have one gram of sugar. Its baked so its low in fat there are the same as rusks i think that you were talking about. Also I have a juicer. I dont know how you feel about that but I am trying to get myself to become more of a healthier eater and I will feed him juice every once in a while. I try to give him lots of water as well! If your little one doesn't like water like most kids I throw in a few cubes of watermelon, apples, or even Oranges! It gives them a hint of sweet taste while still avoiding calories and preservatives of most juices! Babies have sensitive digestive systems as you know so not all juices will be good for them just yet. As far as I've gathered. My son Loves apple juice I make him some from my juicer and maybe a carrot then i put some water in there to make it not so thick and he loves it. Its full of vitamins. Also ONE MORE THING! lol Have you heard of a feeder?
Its like 3 dollars at walmart! Its a great invention I think! you can put everything from freash veggies and fruits to plain chicken! I bought my son one and he will chew on it forever! i've had to check on him b/c he was too quiet! It helps them not only learn to self feed but to get there jaws to move right to chew food.! Well i hope i helped ! :) If you have any questions im here!!

Gillian - posted on 02/11/2009




Rusks are great, very soft and ripe fruits into small cubes, toast is a good 1 as well, I grate cheese which my son loves and is great for there fine motor skills.

Spagetti cooked, They say to stay away from raw corrots and stuff like that as they are a choking hazard. Anything really thats soft and easy to swollow


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Thanks!! just not much of a memory as been nearly 4 yrs since my eldest and for the life of me cant remember what i did with him!! lol i know he didnt like rusks!! im going to try him on plain toast on saturday, thinking bout it now ill ask one more Q, how often can i change to new foods?? he hasnt had any reactions to anythingand seems very very happy, i was doing every 3 days!!

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